From private training sessions breakouts to public and workshops to conference keynotes, hundreds of entrepreneurs and organizations have learned and laughed through Jonathan’s Social Media adventures. His talks are based on real life stories that have helped his clients master the Social Space. He makes his audiences laugh out loud, and then moves them to tears with his authentic, human stories. With his classic British accent, sense of humor, and unique charm, Jonathan Christian engages, educates, and entertains audiences across North America, changing their lives and their businesses.


Jonathan Christian is the founder of We Make Stuff Happen, an innovative Digital Marketing and Training Agency that helps businesses and non-profits around the world tell their story online and on the ground so that they can maximize the social marketplace.

Known by his team as the “Chief Imagination Officer,” Jonathan started his marketing agency in the fall of 2004. He works with small businesses, helping them leverage their story strategically across multiple channels. He shows his clients how to successfully maneuver the ever-changing landscape of Social Media to grow their business. He is a highly industry expert, dynamic trainer, and sought-after speaker for companies looking to grow exponentially by harnessing a unique and powerful online presence.

Jonathan’s passion for Social Media began in 2008, after suffering a major car accident that left him with a life-threatening neck injury. On his long road to recovery, he fully immersed himself in to the world of social networking and content marketing and emerged an expert in leveraging the online sphere to maximize business results. With a strategic big-picture approach to business development and brand storytelling, he and his team at We Make Stuff Happen have successfully trained over 600 businesses in the art of social media engagement & content marketing.

Jonathan leads impactful online programs, and speaks internationally on how businesses can tell their story to maximize their online presence. He is often invited as a keynote speaker and panelist for a wide range of industry events, while maintaining a vibrant online presence through social media interactions. He lives in Abbotsford, British Columbia with his wife Debbie, and together they have 3 grown daughters.


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