Our why = our passion :  is to help businesses who have a great story get out and make the most of it.

We want them to make a difference doing what it is that they’ve been blessed to.

So we did a couple of things recently which were unexpected to many people.

We let go of two of our long-standing live groups that were not effectively bringing in leads.

They were also a lot of fun to run. I met some great people and had some very successful business relationships come from these.

The first group I closed was the social media Challenge Meetup I ran for nearly 10 years. I started it when we went digital in 2010.

The second was a low-ticket monthly call (Inner Circle) we offered each month. It was a live call to give people a taste of what it’s like to work with us.

Are you curious why we just shut down two of our lead-generating groups, despite the fact they were well-loved and effective?

Here’s why. (Turn on the volume.)

It was a little bit of business tough love — in the name of long-term, sustainable business growth.

The truth is, they weren’t working.

Sure, they were bringing in leads. But the return on time wasn’t there.

People who were potentially interested, but not fully committed, would show up, get excited… then leave and never do anything.

A lot of time, a lot of energy… but not the follow up and consistency it takes to make new habits and master new skills.

In Our Bootcamps, Results Come from Accountability, Commitment and High-Touch Connections

When we run something like our social media boot camp, we deliver it live on camera to you and there’s accountability. There’s idea creation. There’s buzz.

The wins come from being involved with a close-knit group of students, melding together and masterminding.

Like a Vulcan mind-meld… 😉

There’s aha-moments. There’s short, fast bursts of accountability.

People get excited. And when their motivation lags, if they’re in a high-touch facebook group, they can get fired up again.

They get their money back tenfold over when they stay engaged — and that’s why it works.

The energy that we bring to our workshops, the desire, the passion for our clients to succeed, outpaces anybody in my industry as far as I’m concerned and as far as I know. The feedback we get from our clients is outstanding.

Just passively showing up once a month, thinking about things and having good intentions, isn’t any good for anyone.

Just passively showing up once a month, thinking about things and having good intentions, isn’t any good for anyone.

It took a long time to finally end these two groups. They went on longer than they should have, and took energy and time we maybe shouldn’t have spent on them. That’s #mybad.

Our agency keeps growing, and shutting down these groups honours a balance between growth and our ability to deliver high-quality programming and services.

If I won the lotto tomorrow (which would be a miracle because I never buy a ticket) do you know what I’d do next week?

Exactly what I did last week – work with motivated entrepreneurs who desire to make a difference in the world.

I love what I do – hope you do too!

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Chief Imagination Officer at We Make Stuff Happen
Jonathan Christian is the creator of We Make Stuff Happen, a unique Canadian based Consulting Agency, helping businesses and non-profits internationally tell their story online and on land. Over the years, Jonathan has worked with hundreds of entrepreneurs helping them learn and leverage their story with massive success.

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