I recently had to find an emergency physio. I flew knowing my back was tight – a day after I could hardly walk.

It was a Saturday, early, and almost every local listing I found on Google was closed that day. I saw there was a new feature that helped me find a local practice that would in fact be open that day. I left them a voice message, he called back and was able to meet me same day. he even offered to make an out call to me as I was in so much pain. I went to his practice based out of Desert Crossfit. I want to give a big shoutout to Dr. Brandon Rosi PT, DPT, CSCS from rosiphysiotherapy.com

So what has this got to do with marketing?

When I met Dr. Rosi, I was in so much pain he thought I may have slipped a disk. To relieve the pain he applied 6 cups to my back. After a few minutes – the pain started to relieve as the cups brought fresh blood supply to my back. 90 minutes later, I was back in my car having had my L4 realigned and a new set of rehab exercises to get me back to fully functional. It didn’t have to have happened. I know my back, I know I have to keep it well exercised – but what happens went it doesn’t hurt? I stop my exercises! Dumb I know.

But how often is this standard practice in business? We get busy and all things seem good, so we let our marketing slip.

  • The weekly email newsletter get’s left behind because we’re “too busy”.
  • The blog you worked so hard to build a following on, gets totally forgotten.
  • And the social media becomes a pain in the butt rather than the awesome communication it is to build engagement and keep us top of mind in our local area.

And why? Because we’re busy, cash flow is good and it’s just not needed. And then what happens? We don’t get that next job we were sure was coming our way, there’s a huge storm and someone’s whole business model goes on hold and all of our sudden we’re in trouble. We need new business immediately but we’ve let our marketing slip – what do we do? Effectively – our business is in so much pain – we need cupping! We then need a turnaround expert just like I needed Dr. Rosi.

I’ve learned from my back scenario – that you just can’t stop when things feel fine. We always need to be looking after our #1 client – ourselves. We also need to be constantly looking after our business and it’s lead generation. Marketing isn’t just a need to do when we need fresh leads. Marketing needs to a be constant process where we bring value to our target audience. Educating, Engaging, Entertaining and Empowering – this way we stay top of mind and non-salesy. We have to remember in many Industries that just because we’re ready to sell, that people might not be ready to buy – but when they are – who will they buy from? – the company that is on their minds, because they feel so connected. It’s that know, like, trust scenario!

cupping marks
So my friends – I beg you – never stop marketing – no matter how good business is right now. Life can change overnight – we’ve all been there and it’s so much wiser to have a continual educational, engagement strategy in place so that our lead funnel is always being replenished. There’s no need to carry the scars and bruises of inaction. Believe me I know!

If you need help, or a refresher or a whole new 2017 strategy – let’s talk – we have a solution ready to kick start your marketing back into shape – check out our current programs

Just like the ABM at the bank Always Be Marketing!





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