Welcome to another Summer Showcase!

Today, I’m outside and I’m thinking about one of our most cherished clients. Her name is Donna Ceriani.

I met Donna about four years ago. We were in the same mastermind together.  She’s a stunning lady and super smart. I always thought one day I’d love to work her. Funny enough, I did a Facebook post once and she messaged me and said, “You know, I’ve heard you speak, I’ve watched you  grow and I always thought one day I want to work with Jonathan.” “It’s like, get out of “here! let’s do it!

So, we had a zoom call and she bought our Social Media Bootcamp and went right through it. She loved it so much that she decided to join us for our Power Content Course, which is our signature blogging course. Donna learned so much through that. She said, “You know, I’ve got to be honest, I’ve had three websites in my life for my business and I’ve hated the process each and every time. But I know I need a new website. I don’t like my site, I don’t send anybody there.”

Because she got a feel for who are through me and with Power Content and Lindsay together she knew what social media should look like. She said, “I’d like to work with you guys in creating a new website for me.” Since we had worked with her already, it was kind of perfect as we knew her so well already. So, we created her a fabulous new website. You can check it out, it’s donnaceriani.com, and we were able to pull out two facets of Donna’s life which were just complete opposites.

Custom Website

You see Donna lives in Jupiter Beach, Florida. Throughout the summer she goes walking with her dog, enjoys cocktails on the patio and all those sorts of things you expect about living in Florida. But then in the wintertime, she’s a snow bunny. I mean she snowboards all over Vail, Aspen and all the different mountain ranges you can think of across North America. Which is where her business gets done with clients. She’s a consultant & speaker and she works with women, predominantly in the IT industry, helping them to level up their career.

If you look at her website, you’ll see Donna and mountains. You’ll see what it looks like to work with Donna, see her ski and see her enjoying the summer. We really got her as a person. We got her as a personality, and we have a lovely testimony that you’ll read below. We just loved working with her and she loved the experience. She said, “I never thought building a website and creating personal brand could be this much fun. Finally, you guys have redeemed the advertising agency world for me because this was just awesome.”

Customer Success Story

So that’s kind of what we do. We meet great people. That’s why you should always be in a mastermind. That’s why you should always be networking because you never know, but one of these germinating seeds is just ready to pop through.

I had met Donna, I was super impressed. I didn’t know that in her heart, one day she wanted to work with us. We did and now we’re in maintenance mode. We host her website and keep it up to date. Sometimes the sign of our job being done well, is when you really aren’t needed anymore, except for an up-leveling to phase two, phase three. So, we still stay in touch, send her a bill once a quarter. She pays it super fast. We just love that because she’s now got a high performing website that works right and she’s just doing what she does best, which is helping ladies’ level up their career in the IT industry.

So, my question to you is, do you love your website? Are you embarrassed to send people to it? Do you suffer from #Websiteshame? Are you getting found well online? Do your programs on your website, convert into business? If they don’t, maybe you and I need to have a chat, because we love to do this kind of stuff.

Hope you’re enjoying our Summer Showcases series – now to decide who we’ll feature next?

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