Canadian Anti Spam Legislation (CASL) – Does this important new legislation affect you?

Canadian Anti-Spam Laws CASL
Are you ready for the new CASL laws coming July 1 2014?

At one of our recent Social Media Meetups, we brought in guest speaker and CASL expert Paula Skaper helped our group understand the serious implications of the new Canadian Anti-Spam Laws that will be in place as of July 1st 2014. At We Make Stuff Happen, we hired her to audit our email newsletter list and do an in-depth analysis of any changes we need to make to our website or email list. Thankfully because we always seek permission first and keep written records when people sign up for our email newsletters, we’re in great shape. We are assisting our clients with updating and confirming their websites, email newsletter lists and HTML email signatures as well. If you’ve simply been adding names to your email marketing list or have bought email marketing lists in the past, you’re in danger of being reported and Million Dollar fines are looming.

Here’s a copy of the presentation Paula Shared with us: If you’d like help or advice on changes you can make to ensure your business with the new program,  please get in touch and we’ll make it our priority to keep you in compliance. It would a crying shame for you to lose the opportunity to stay in touch with your mailing list full of potential clients and customers!

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Caveat: we are marketers and business consultants, not lawyers.  Find the Government of Canada’s CASL information here:

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