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Hope Valentine’s Day was special for you, where ever you’re at in life’s roller coaster of love. I spent the morning anxiously waiting for our daughter Ellen to come out of surgery having had all 4 wisdom teeth removed. Don’t you just love the joy of parenthood?!

One of the great things about Social Media is when someone goes out of their way to bless you with a compliment or statement about your work ethic. Quite often we write posts and engage and are not truly sure of our impact. There is always a trust element in the equation on ROI. Linkedin however, really surprised me earlier this week.

We wrote last week how Linkedin had just reached 200 Million subscribers. I was totally surprised to find out that my profile was in the top 1% of most viewed. That put me in a very select, global group of just 2 million folks in the Social space. Pretty much the population of Montreal. But should I be surprised? With the right amount of effort you really can make a very visible and tangible. So since I’ve been really making an extra effort to be connecting on Linkedin and practicing what I preach – this is what I saw. When you’re openly sharing and inviting people to connect you’ll be amazed at your efforts. I’ve had the privilege of making 38 new Linkedin connections this week alone!

Now I’m not selling anything, I’m in the business of community building. Helping other’s with what I’ve learned and what has worked for our clients.  Keeping top of mind for your goods and services is the only way to market these days. There’s no better way than to regularly blog – and we’ll cover this off in depth this week.

I’ll leave you with an experiment I tried this week. With having about the same number of people I’m connected to on my two Facebook pages I thought I’d see where this would work best. I posted the above picture on my business page and it gained a great response. 11likes, 10 comments and 1 share. The post reached 216 people. I received some very kind comments.

I then later in the day shared it on my personal page. This resulted in a further 27 likes and 11 comments – all from different people to my biz page. Find the right thing to post and people respond immediately.

Now I wasn’t fishing for compliments, I was genuinely sharing a good news story. The moral is – this is Social Media. Those who just throw buy, buy, buy on their wall all day are totally missing the boat. Facebook is running an algorithm constantly. If you want a great Edgerank or soon to be Graphrank score you’ve got be offering expert advice, with lots of engagement.

Another opportunity awaits us. It’s Facebook Friday! A chance to share your page to our community and like and learn about many other businesses. You never know just who’ll you will connect with. Come on over to the Make Stuff Happen page and we’ll have a fun Friday facebook.com/Wemakestuffhappen

Hope you have a great weekend. We’d love to connect  – wemakestuffhappen.com/contact/

Oh, and come join the sharing over on Facebook today!


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