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Digital Marketing Director Program

Our best, most effective work always comes when we get to know our clients and their employees hands-on and personal. Updated for 2019 is our advanced BC VIP Digital Marketing Director Training Program. We come along side you with highly specific, training modules that will work for your employees.  We’ve perfected our training process and systems down to a fine art through online and face to face modules – we call it the the art of #makingstuffhappen!

We’re excited to accept applications for our latest flagship training program. Spend 15 weeks alongside us, and we’ll train you into the greatest asset to make the most impact for your career in business.

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*Program admission is subject to approval. If your business is not considered an ideal fit for this program, your deposit will be refunded.

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2019 Digital Marketing Director Program – all new training

Have Jonathan & his team train you directly – onsite and online!

Our goal is to work alongside you using our 10 years of Digital Marketing experience and bring our latest training modules to maximize every opportunity within your business and help you to grow to new heights. We have recently created this intensive Digital Marketing Training Program, just for local BC small businesses.

Beginning January 8th 2019, this in-depth course includes 80 hours of expert training and is for intermediate to advanced social media users who are looking to dominate the digital marketplace. This is the perfect follow-up for those who have already completed our Social Media Director Program and are looking for further training. It can also be the perfect up-leveling for those already within the marketing community who want to learn and leverage all that the latest advances in digital marketing have to offer.

This tailor-made training will be conducted over a 15-week period, with a mix of onsite training, weekly Webinars, one-on-one tuition, and accountability, with constant feedback, along with additional specific training to suit each specific business. We will work with each person individually, benchmarking where they’re starting from and where they would like to be. Each week, we will study and benchmark progress through a review of your work achieved via the newly-created We Make Stuff happen Online Academy.

The 2019 Digital Marketing Director Program topics will cover:

Lead Generation 

  • Valuable techniques for generating leads to increase your customer base using advanced methods

  Vlogging The art of Live & pre-recorded video, positioning your unique brand statement

  • Learn the best ways to use video blogging, Facebook, Instagram & Youtube to engage your audience and spotlight your brand
  • How to use video creation using such tools as wave.video, E-camm, and other emerging technologies
  • Using smart phone devices to create studio-quality commercial posts and interviews

Brand Advocates And Influencer Marketing

  • How connecting with the right brand influencers and advocates can boost your brand awareness and the techniques to develop them
  • What makes a brand consistent and highly-favoured? We teach you the art of enticing your ideal audience and online shopping portals, as well as e-commerce techniques and delivery methods.

Effective Engagement With Live Video

  • How to create live videos, including YouTube Live, Facebook Live, Instagram Stories and Snapchat to increase authentic customer engagement
  • Learn the best methods of utilizing video ad posts for your brand

Using Automation Tools – The Emerging Use of AI

  • Discover the optimal methods to utilize Facebook messenger using chat bots and virtual assistants to build and maintain customer loyalty. This includes the building and developing of website live-chat interfaces

How To Use PR To Grow Your Business

The Digital Marketing Director Program also includes 3 specific modules with PR Expert Susan Elford, APR, CPCC.

Susan will teach you how to…

• Develop a strategy so you can incorporate social media into your business in a way that fits with your overall business, communications & marketing strategy.

• Know your market in a way that helps you understand who your ideal clients are and what they are interested in. This will help you as you build your business offerings as well as your communications strategies and messages

• Build a communications and marketing program that serves your business. This program includes social media, but social media isn’t all of it

• Discover other activities you can do in your business to build your profile. Susan will introduce a variety of communication tools and tactics that you can do in your business to make your own news and make stuff happen!

Overview & Method of Assessment:

Each week will feature a one hour webinar on every topic we’ve included, which will conclude with follow up live Q&A each week over virtual coffee. We’ll also have a private Facebook group for more general group questions and discussions. Ongoing email support is also available during the duration of the program.

  • Case Studies: Assessment of current We Make Stuff Happen Clients through our in-house academy to learn from and evaluate.
  • Direct Observation: Assessment of practical skills, which can be demonstrated via your online marketing activity.
  • Performance Projects: Developing AdWords strategies, video reviews, in-depth review of Google Analytics and other social insights during the training.
  • Self Assessment: Program members develop their own written and creative skills and judgment to assess themselves and their company. We will assign specific projects to help you stretch and grow.
  • Projects: We will help you create unique projects, related to your company marketing strategy and use online marketing channels to leverage these.
  • Simulations: We will simulate a cyberbullying/internet trolling crisis and help you manage the critical path of execution. We will also simulate a fraudulent account set-up scenario and help you create a strategic action plan.


At the end of your intensive training program you will be awarded the certification of Digital Marketing Director. This is an industry-recognized designation.

Your studies will be monitored weekly and will be measured by the number and quality of posts across chosen platforms. We will also study insights and analytics to study reach, engagement and growth of your social business community.

By the end of the Program, you will have at an expert level of knowledge on many different Digital Marketing techniques.

This Program can help you help you grow your company through improved customer communications and the most excellent 21st-Century Sales and Marketing techniques.

The training will begin January 8th, 2019 and conclude April 16th, 2019.

There will be a mix of onsite and online individual and group training sessions. We will have weekly webinar training sessions which will be recorded for stored in a shared vault for all class participants.

The total number of training hours is 80.

The cost of program is $8,333.00 plus GST*. 

To be eligible to apply for the BC Canada Jobs Grant, payment of $8,333.00 plus GST must be paid in full prior to the course start date.

Ready to Invest in Your Success? Let's talk!

Reserve your seat by email or phone us at 778-378-9100 to apply.

*Program admission is subject to approval. If your business is not considered an ideal fit for this program, your deposit will be refunded.

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This course opened my eyes to what can be done and how to do it. It has made my writing better and my blogs more readable. Lindsay’s real-time feedback was awesome. So many times, things get missed if it’s to be done later.

Jennifer Koehler

Owner, Tap2Drain Plumbing

Jonathan is an amazing social media expert, but he brings something else. Besides tremendous passion and generosity, he’s got an incredible business savvy. Not only did he teach me social media, but he also helped me with a whole refocusing of the strategy for my business, and taught me how the two to go together.He helped me rebrand, and helped me focus. His training has just expanded my horizons unbelievably.

Alfred Unger

Owner, Empowering Returns

They know what they are doing. Jonathan, you are so genuine and you have an amazing team! I was truly inspired and educated every step of the way! Not only is he genuine, he is also very giving, and those who know him are better because of him in some way or another. Jamie Klassen-Guenther

Sardis Naturopathic Medical Clinic

I have worked with Jonathan and his associates on our website for JD Farms Specialty Turkeys and our Social media marketing. I have noticed a significant improvement in website views, and Social media engagement. I would definitely recommend Jonathan and his team at We Make Stuff Happen if you are looking to improve your visibility online. We found them all to be friendly, honest, hardworking and creative. Janice McWilliams

Office Manager, JD Farms Specialty Turkey

Our VIP program is available exclusively to local clients who are serious about their program, and requires application.

 This program is only available to a small number of companies. I ask you to please consult with me if you are interested in this opportunity.

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