No matter how good things are – every business needs a social media tuneup!

We love to get a call from a really happy client, asking if we had time to come back in and review their results and see if there’s anything else they could be doing with their online marketing.

We reviewed their Google, analytics, facebook insights, Google+ insights, Youtube – their traffic is awesome! So then we went deeper. we looked at which posts did really well for them, how on the best days their website performed – what happened to drive traffic. It was a revelation in stats and traffic flows.

We identified some opportunities with Instagram and specifically using certain hashtags as well as shooting a lot more video. As soon as I mention video, people always agree but then withdraw in fear. So, we seized the moment – went straight into to the store and ran into one of their regular customers – we could not have asked for a more golden opportunity!

How cool was that?? And sooo easy to make!

So, we uploaded it to their facebook page and decided to boost it with a $6 budget – the results were absolutely amazing!

social media tune up

Within 48 hours they had almost 2500 video view! We reached over 5500 people, 10 people actually shared it on their own walls! Now that’s what we call engagement!

But let’s also be realistic, facebook video stats can be a little misleading – a view is recorded once the video plays – but how many people actually watch it all they way through – this is what we saw:

Screen Shot 2015-08-08 at 2.26.15 PM

At the end of the day 356 people watched it all they way through, the organic views were free and the paid views came out at just over 3 cents each – now that to me is money well spent!

So, now begs the question – how’s your social media, are you analyzing it? Do you need a social media tuneup?

This is totally what we love to do – need some help? Click here, fill in the form and we’ll get right back to you!


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Chief Imagination Officer at We Make Stuff Happen
Jonathan Christian is the creator of We Make Stuff Happen, a unique Canadian based Consulting Agency, helping businesses and non-profits internationally tell their story online and on land. Over the years, Jonathan has worked with hundreds of entrepreneurs helping them learn and leverage their story with massive success.
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