I was delighted to see our story featured on Lisa Sasevich’s site!

Lisa is one of my business mentors.
“How does someone get a business mentor?” you might ask. Well, sometimes they choose you. Or at least, they surprise you.
Here’s the story…
I had been following Lisa online for a few years. In the summer of 2015, I finally bought one of her online courses. It came with a free ticket to attend her live event. Debbie and I had been working with some big-name business coaches that year, and we were going to be traveling to see them anyways, so we decided we’d go.  It was the third live event I attended that year, in a quest to reach far more people with our training programs and client work.
Debbie (my amazing wife, for those of you who have not had the pleasure of meeting her yet) and I attended Lisa’s Live Event (“Speak to Sell”) in Tampa, Florida that fall.
As it was a free ticket, I was really on guard to not “be sold to.” I set a deliberate intention to refuse to invest in any further coaching with Lisa. I was already in a high-ticket mentorship program and I did not want to get caught up in any hype — or worse, suffer high-ticket buyer’s remorse!
There was hype at the event — but more so, there was incredible teaching and absolute sincerity. Debbie and I were so impressed with Lisa’s event and program that it was getting hard to say no.
But I had set my intention!
Actually, it’s very funny to think of it now. It really was “out of my hands.”
On the last morning of the event, Lisa shared a very personal story about the loss of her parents and missed opportunities. The whole audience totally got what she was saying.
It was then that my darling, wise wife said, “Honey, go to the back of the room and sign up now! She’s the real deal and we’ll find the money somehow.” Who was I to argue?
Lisa is often called the Queen of Sales. But more than Sales, she’s the Queen of showing people what’s possible if they work towards their dreams. She’s open to sharing everything she’s learned as she’s grown the business — and life — of her dreams.
So today, when I learned that our business had been shared on her blog, where she shares big stories with lots of impact, I teared up. Debbie and I have truly been building the business, and the life, of our dreams.
Look how far we’ve come. I’ve been running this agency for years, providing services and training to clients. I was overstretched and maxed out when I met Lisa.
Now, our business has grown to serve so many more people, and it has capacity to keep growing. Both Lisa and her community of “Sassies,” have supported us and cheered us on along the way. There really is nothing better than sharing our business journey with like-minded entrepreneurs and visionaries.
I invite you to read the blog she wrote (click here to read it). Every word is true — and we couldn’t be more grateful for the blessings and purpose of being part of her community, and in the presence of such a powerful business mentor.
– Jonathan




Chief Imagination Officer at We Make Stuff Happen
Jonathan Christian is the creator of We Make Stuff Happen, a unique Canadian based Consulting Agency, helping businesses and non-profits internationally tell their story online and on land. Over the years, Jonathan has worked with hundreds of entrepreneurs helping them learn and leverage their story with massive success.

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