One goal that many business owners have is expanding their audience and their numbers on their Facebook page. A while ago, I found out a new way to expand our likes by using the audience that like your posts and aren’t liking your page. This has worked really well for our clients, but we found that many people have not seen or used this new feature. So how do you get more Facebook page likes easily and efficiently?

It’s actually quite simple. If you have a Facebook business page and post often targeting new audiences, you can invite those people to your Facebook page that aren’t already liking your Facebook page. Let’s say you boost your posts to a custom audience that hasn’t liked your page yet and you get 100 likes on it. Click on the number of likes on your post and you’ll be prompted with a module like below.

Facebook Page Likes

In the example above, you see that Karen hasn’t liked our page yet, but she did like the post. By clicking the “Invite” button, she’ll be invited to like our page. A note though: This does send them an invite from your personal Facebook profile, not from the page. So unless people know who you are and can connect you to your page, use this feature with a grain of salt.

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