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Jonathan Christian’s

Get Known & Dare to be Digital

For the very first time Online!

Social Media is now the only game in town –
Become a Digital Ninja and have them calling you!

August 4th to 6th 2020
All from the comfort of home!


Join me for 3 Days
and we’ll Create Your Digital Survival Blueprint

Designed to greatly help you bring in Business,

find Balance, and be Profitable, no matter what’s happening in the world around us. 

Join one of the world’s most appreciated Digital Strategists Jonathan Christian, and the Team at We Make Stuff Happen! You’ll be in the company of hundreds of like-minded Business Owners and Entrepreneurs who love what they do but know that they need to master the art of getting found online through Social Media and Content Marketing.

“This isn’t fluff or bait & switch – it’s the real deal!”

Jonathan will show you how, after a near-fatal car accident in 2008, he started over with what he’s learned and put into place, not only for his own Company (which is now one of the world’s leading boutique digital agencies) but also for over 1000 Entrepreneurs just like you. You’ll get to meet and hear from many of them during this online event.

“Finally, someone who gets people, profit and purpose.”

In the midst of this Pandemic, you HAVE to have a definitive digital presence and strategy. Jonathan will break it down in easy to follow steps and set you up for online success, without having to work 24/7. If you’ve struggled to make your online presence known and been fearful of sounding like a used-car salesman, then you’ve come to the right place!

I’ve been blessed to be a life long student of some of the most learned minds in the world. I have my PhD and multiple other designations. However, of late with the whole world going digital, I realized it was time to push past my fear of technology and learn again. Six Months ago I heard Jonathan at a conference.  He made sense and I immediately felt he was the one to walk me through the whole social media realm.  I actually understood what he was saying, I was hooked. We’ve been working together for 6 months and now I’m firing on all social cylinders thanks only to Jonathan and his team! I have a new website that works, the most stunning business cards and am just loving the whole journey. You’re never too old to learn a new thing and Jonathan has such patience and understanding, let alone being such a great teacher.  I can’t wait for our next phase.

Dr. Sheila Jaggard

Founder, Ultimate Potential Inc.

“My Mentor encouraged me to check out Jonathan’s work. I joined his Social Media Bootcamp and was instantly fired up by the way he showed me how to use social media in such a personal and authentic way. I went on to enroll in Power Content with Lindsay and learned so much more! Out of their virtual coffee brainstorm sessions, we came up with the idea for my new #ManicMonday video series. Finally, a marketing company that truly got me! I felt so confident that Jonathan and his team understood my voice and my business that I asked them to help me create a whole new brand and website for me, that I absolutely love!

Lindsay White

Founder, High Voltage Leadership

Can this really be possible? Can I truly

run my business fully online?

Yes You Can and We’re Here to Help!

Maybe you can relate…

  • You’ve never really “got” social media. Feeling too late to the game, too old and out of touch,
  • You would rather have your privacy over posting what you had for lunch.
  • You know people need you, but how do you connect them without local networking events in the midst of a global pandemic?
  • Your competitors have had such a jump and seem to have sewn up the market.
  • Your loyal customers love you, but you need so many more just like them.
  • You’ve attended or bought other programs, to end up feeling more confused and distraught about all your have to do that you end up feeling fearful and paralyzed.
  • There are only so many hours in the day and you want quality family time but NEED to make money and fast.
  • You love telling great stories but hate the idea of having to write blogs and making live videos.

Wouldn’t it be great to…

Know which Platforms to use and how to post so that you get real engagement
Know each day just what to do and what to say
Have more time, improved profits and finally enjoy your marketing
Stop letting people “pick your brain” and instead get them on your email list, in your social space, or buying from you
Be able to turn casual eyeballs into 5-star reviews and have them coming back for more and telling their friends
Have a strategic plan, knowing who your ideal client is and what they need to know to want to buy from you at full price!

Does this sound like you?
Then join us for
Get Known & Dare to be Digital Live!

This is the first time we’ve opened the digital doors to our proven secrets and strategies that have made millions for our clients. Our experience comes from the trenches, where we write for multiple businesses of all types & sizes daily through our Digital Agency Services.

Even if you’ve tried social media before, invested in expensive websites and branding and gotten nowhere – this is the time to finally get the advice and action steps you’ve been looking for!

Let’s punch Covid-19 on the nose and welcome the opportunity to pivot into Digital Success! You’ve known you have needed to do this for quite some time.

The time is now – you have to be well found and found well!


Remember – if you pitch them, you’re a salesperson. But, if they reach out to you, you’re the Expert!

Which would you rather be?

See what students who have already worked with us

have to say….

“WMSH have helped me to refresh my website, helped me issue a press release on my e-book and audiobook, helped me prepare and post a blog on social media, and helped me design an amazing set of slides for a presentation to a company. I am delighted with Jonathan and his team at WMSH, who have in a nutshell helped me design a 360-degree social media strategy that we are now slowly rolling out. Need I say more? Gratefully.”

George Jerjian, The Retirement Rebel & Best-selling Author

“Jonathan has changed our business from a page with no interaction to one that reaches hundreds and thousands daily. He is the real deal, he always goes the extra mile to help his clients. It pays to get it right from the start and hire an expert, social media is vital to any business these days and without guidance with the ever changing algorithms and platforms you will be left in the dust. I can’t recommend makestuffhappen and Jonathan enough.”

Crystal Tosh, Founder, Rockstar Social Media

 There’s never been a more crucial time to learn
just how Search Engines and Social Media
work together.


Finally, an event that has real teaching with real experience on just how business gets done online in 2020.

Discover the 6 E’s of Social Media Success


Social Media is a 2-way gig. It’s not simply posting and hoping it’ll get seen. Learn to Engage and you’ll be well on your way to massive success!


People turn to social for their leisure – if all you do is pitch, you’ll be blocked. Have fun creating great content and have them coming back for more!


A must for 2020! People won’t care how you know until they know how much you care. This is the new currency of marketing. The most human companies win!


Be known as the expert. Share your knowledge without fear of “giving it all away”. Way better than any Facebook ad campaigns!


Help people feel and believe that by working with you, their lives and business will be much better off!


Have them calling to ask to work with you. It’s the ultimate compliment and the best way to earn premium prices for your services!
Jonathan Christian & Lindsay Carlson
I first met Jonathan when I attended his Social Media Meetup back in 2011. I wanted my Dad, who is an incredible artist to learn how to use Facebook etc. However, that soon changed when I saw where Jonathan was coming from and what experience he brought to his clients, not just in highly creating marketing strategies but his skill with people and profits. As a single parent, running a home-based business, we soon started to collaborate and over the years have created some incredible websites and marketing strategies. Now I’m delighted to head up the Website Design and Content marketing Divisions at WMSH.

Just show up and be ready to learn at our first live event, you’ll see Jonathan at his very best, doing what he absolutely loves to do.

Lindsay Carlson

Director of Website Development & Content Marketing WMSH

Join us for 3 days, PACKED with vital tips and tricks! You’ll experience multiple light bulb moments and a huge sigh of relief. With our winning strategy, you will finally discover a system that is practical and manageable. This is the very first opportunity for a wonderful global gathering of like-minded, heart-centered entrepreneurs who ready to learn and support each other in

becoming Known and Daring to be Digital!

Real-Time Progress

Make New Partnerships

Motivational Moments

Roadmap to Success

Join us from home via Zoom!

In the midst of an unprecedented global pandemic – there has never been a more vitally important and opportune time to learn and develop your own digital strategy that actually works.

Content that Converts

Business Breakthroughs

Charge Premium Prices

Practical, Proven Strategies

Reach your Ideal Audience

Real-time Coaching and Ideas

Time Saving Tools That Work

New Found Confidence

Tuesday August 4th

8:00am – 9:00am PST

9:30am – 2:30pm PST

Check Your Tech Happy Hour – come and say hi! (Optional but encouraged!)
Social Media 101 in Covid-19 Times

Wednesday August 5th

8:30am – 4:00pm PST
Create Your Own Marketing Strategy

Thursday August 6th

9:00am – 12:30pm PST
Pivot & Produce Like a Pro!

Yes! This is 100% virtual – dress as comfy as you like! Clear your calendar, stayed focused and let’s get down to business and #makestuffhappen!

Get Known and Dare to be Digital Virtual Pass

Learn all you need to know and support others less fortunate than ourselves during this unprecedented time of a global pandemic.

$50 of each pass will be donated to the Canadian Food Bank.

“Jonathan and his team are awesome! As a PR Consultant and Leadership Coach, Jonathan and his team expanded on my knowledge of promotion and marketing to social media that I could apply in promoting my own business and that of my clients.”

Susan Elford, Leadership Coach & PR Strategist

“Jonathan Christian and his team at We Make Stuff Happen has changed the way I do business. I was not very ‘social’ when I first started Unleashed Mobile Apps. I am amazed how my numbers have climbed in just a few short months of applying his teachings.”

Nancy Lucchesi, Founder, Unleased Mobile Apps

Q: Will this really help my business in just a few days of online learning?
This online event is about helping you Get Known as the go-to expert. You’ll learn how to leverage our strategies to develop a business model that actually works again and again! Whether you’re a Digital Immigrant or a Digital Native, our 12+ years of Social Media Success & over 1000 successful clients will help you #makestuffhappen too.
Q: What if I've tried Social media before and it didn't really produce what I was hoping for?
We get that! We hear it all the time and quite often you’ll see you were almost there. We’ll help you understand just how people’s minds work when it comes to marketing. In these Covid-19 times, people are desperately searching for help. Wouldn’t it be great if their search led them straight to your door?

That’s what this Live event is all about – we’ve helped so many people just like you. We’ve brought businesses back from the brink of bankruptcy and helped our clients become extremely profitable.

Is it easy? No.

Is it hard work? Yes.

Can it work for me? We wouldn’t be offering this live event if it couldn’t!

Q: Will Jonathan have time to help me personally?
For sure and his VIP team who #makestuffhappen. Be known and Dare to be Digital is designed for multiple interactions with the audience. We like to call them Miracle Seats, as quite often Jonathan’s spontaneous ideas are nothing short of genius.

If you were to hire Jonathan and his Titanium team you’d be paying over $50,000. This is an amazing chance to get up close and personal and get one-on-one mentoring and ideas.

Q: Will there be an opportunity to go deeper after the event is over?
Get Known and Dare to be Digital will give you so many ideas and techniques to immediately improve your digital marketing. We know that for some, this will be the kick-start they need to get back in the game. For others, once you get a taste of what’s possible in just a few days, you’ll want to learn more.

Our best work comes over time and we will be sharing with you another first during the event. Totally up to you – we never hard-sell, guilt trip and leave you feeling you’ve been pushed into a corner. But we do encourage crazy ideas and huge dreams! We promise to be right there alongside you all the way.

Who could have predicted how 2020 would turn out? It’s not over yet! Just imagine where you could be 6 months from now!

Jonathan Christian & We Make Stuff Happen

Get Known and Dare to be Digital Virtual Pass

Learn all you need to know and support others less fortunate than ourselves during this unprecedented time of a global pandemic.

$50 of each pass will be donated to the Canadian Food Bank.

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