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How to create a Live Video Content Marketing Strategy

Ready to try live video? There’s more to live video than knowing which buttons to push. Let’s talk about how to create a live video strategy that connects with your community in an authentic and helpful way, and creates new opportunities for your business.

Start with Why

The following is from a discussion with We Make Stuff Happen’s founder, Jonathan Christian, about using live video to build relationships online.

“I’ve been hopping on a live video almost every Monday morning for the past three years. I share some thoughts and ideas while I shave — I call it the Shaving Chronicles. It’s a time to connect with my community and test out a few new ideas along the way. So far, we’ve experimented with Facebook and Instagram, and we’ll be adding another platform soon.

My Shaving Chronicles make people wonder, “what’s that guy doing?” The unusual format gets people’s attention — but they stick around because they enjoy what we talk about. They also remember me for the #ShavingChronicles because no one else is doing the same thing.

When Covid-19 hit, I started calling the show the Sharing Chronicles. This aligned with my desire to be of service during these tough times. I wanted to bring something positive to the day.

My phone’s popping all the time with live video and I can’t pay attention to most of it. For me to stop and watch there has to be a compelling reason. It’s great to be known for something and it’s surprising how that notoriety follows you around — but that starts with having a clear reason for being there.”

Just because you can do live video doesn’t mean you should. Why are you making that live video? Why should anyone watch? What are you bringing to the online world that only you can bring?

“Just because you can do live video doesn’t mean you should. Before you hop on, make sure you’re clear on why you’re doing it. What are you bringing to the online world that only you can bring?” 

If you want your video to stand out from the noise online, start with your why.

What should I talk about in my live videos?

“Every single business that’s doing well these days is putting their best foot forward and using what they’re good at to help other people.”

“Before I do a Shaving Chronicle video, I spend a day or so thinking, “what do I know that could bring value or encourage people?” These ideas often come in the shower!

Right now, due to Covid-19, I’m not out to sell anything. I’m very much in encouraging mode and I have been for a couple of months. Most of my posts are sharing what I see and creating a feeling of connection.

If I go out walking and I see coyotes or the most beautiful mountain scenes and sunsets, that’s what I’m sharing on my Facebook right now because it’s bringing people joy. Nobody wants to be sold to, and everybody needs a sort a dose of positivity these days.

Every single business that’s doing well these days is putting their best foot forward and using what it is that they’re good at to help other people. So, create your video with a view to helping people first.”

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What if no one’s watching my Live Videos?

First off – always start with your A-game from the very second you go live. You have 3 seconds to capture their attention.

But what if no one shows up? If people don’t comment, like, or share, how do you know they’re watching? You may never know exactly who’s watching or how many people your video will (or won’t) impact. But know this – the right people will see it. It’s a bit like a farmer sowing seeds. You have to trust the process that those seeds are meant to be sown and will grow at exactly the right time.

There are limitations with most marketing tools, even though digital has given us insights we never had in traditional marketing.

If you are on live on Facebook or Instagram, you may not know whether anyone’s watching at that moment. Be careful that you’re not just looking for comments. Jump right in.

Always look at the camera lens not at yourself – give your audience that direct eye contact.

“I’ve seen people start a video and say, ‘Oh, I’ll just wait for a few more people to come on before I start.’ No, those first few seconds are the key to whether people will stay, especially if they’re watching the recording (which is likely to be the majority of your audience).

I watched a lady do a video yesterday and for the first five minutes she was like, ‘I’m not sure if this is working. Are we live, yet? Hmm. I’m not sure.’ It was hard to watch. So make sure you practice your tech and show up ready to play. I mean literally from the get-go — those first three seconds, smile, bring your energy, tell people what you’re here to talk about.”

Live Videos create sales

Do Live Videos create sales?

Live videos often lead to sales — slowly. It’s easy to add a salesy call to action to every video, but does it bring your audience back for more? Use most of your live videos to connect with people, not to sell to them.

“My live videos get inquiries from people who want to work with us fairly often. Yet, I’m genuinely just showing up consistently, bringing positivity and ideas. When people are ready, I’m top of mind and we may already have a connection thanks to the live videos.

For example, a week ago, I heard back from a person I hadn’t heard from in over a year. She said, “’I don’t know if you remember me, we met at a live event, we took a picture together.’ She has often seen my shaving videos but I never knew. We did a strategy-call for an hour and she’s about to become a client.

She said, ‘I keep thinking about you because I keep seeing your videos. When I hear you and listen to your message, it makes me feel good. And now I’m at a point in my business that I want to do something. And I want to work with you.’

Live videos don’t have to be salesy to bring in business. There’s a lot of power in creating content that makes people feel good. It stands the test of time.”

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Create your own Live Video Marketing Strategy

If you’re looking to create a Live Video Strategy for your marketing, remember it’s a long-term, community-building strategy. There is a lot of noisy content out there — no matter which platform you use, cut through the noise by creating authentic connection and making your audience feel appreciated. Most importantly – enjoy the process and bring your best smile to the camera.

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