“I’m not interested in Twitter – I really don’t care where you’re going for coffee”


These people were!

Monday evening saw our first Meetup of the year and we maxed out the restaurant! People from as far as Vancouver and Chilliwack came to our Fraser Valley Social Media Group #FVSM.

I had asked one of our co-hosts Katt Stearns to deliver a Twitter 101 presentation and everyone lapped it up, along with some great food and beverages!

Twitter is the universal language of Social Media – it’s instant, succinct, flexible and oh so valuable. But this is where people get it wrong – it’s not for bragging – it’s for listening! The search function on Twitter is perhaps the most powerful search engine there is. Do you know what people are saying about you and your brand? Twitter does! Would you believe 70% of companies do not respond to brand complaints despite them being on display for the whole world to see!

I recently was delayed on a flight back from Florida. I was most unimpressed with Alaskan’s customer service after we missed our connecting flight and a simple tweet @AlasakaAir #FAIL, eventually got me $750 of flight credits. Delta recently paid out $10,000 for a broken guitar, along with Fender who custom made a replacement for free – all because of noise in the Twittosphere.

Still not convinced? How about an 85 year old, single man with over 1.4 millions followers who has only written 24 tweets?

Back to our Meetup – we use the hashtag #FVSM to enable people to tweet as a collective. It allows people (peeps) who couldn’t attend to follow along through their Twitter search. It also allows people to communicate as a group by seeing each other’s names. Then, when it’s all over there’s a permanent record for anyone to go back to and study the notes recorded.

Each of our Social Media Challenge posts is tweeted with #SMC90 next to it. Again, another easy search parameter.

But you know what I love about Twitter the most? It’s the ability to connect, learn about someone, become friends and finally meet face to face. My friend Katt (who I met on Twitter) is now taking her 1 hour keynote and turning it into a 4 hour workshop. Do I feel threatened that she know’s more about Twitter than me? Not at all! We’re all learning and always will be and each to their own. I really did learn on Monday evening, as well as getting about 70 new followers myself! It helped me finally break through the 2000 following barrier, so now I can strive to connect to 20,000!

Still think it’s still all about Justin Bieber and Starbucks? No, didn’t think so!

We’ll be sure to promote Katt’s course here when it’s ready. What did you think about Lynn Sumida’s Food Freedom workshop? – here’s a link to that again – click here

Lynn has just been featured in a new book and she just received her first copies today. She’s most kindly offering a signed copy to everyone who signs up as well as giving that $100 or $200 discount exclusively for our readership.

We’re doing our best to add value to your day through the #SMC90 posts. We’re going to be having many more special offers and promoted events. #2013 is going to be truly amazing!

I’m really enjoying connecting with so many of you – if you’re on Twitter – you’ll find me @jdgem.

Tomorrow we’re jumping over to Facebook and hosting another frenzied sharing session so get ready for that too!

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