The Hamlets at Penticton – they sure know how to impact Community!

Had the opportunity to visit one of our more remote clients today. H & H Totalcare operate a number of facilities across BC and Alberta under the name The Hamlets. It’s a Dutch notion on creating community within constant care where four bedrooms are built together with a central living area – a real little Hamlet.

I had the pleasure of touring their Adult Day Care Program. What a joy to meet such dedicated staff and such a wonderful group of the most loving people, truly being impacted by the wonderful facility and levels of individual care.

The joy on their faces and the impact they have on their quality of life is so evident in what I saw.

It got me thinking as to the impact each of us can have on our local community. Now we may not be the primary caregiver but there’s so many ways we can help. Donating games and DVD’s. Furniture or electronics. Giving time as volunteer or offering them a discount at your restaurant or facility. To leanr more – check them out on Facebook

We should be so thankful for our physical and mental health – there’s such a reward in helping those less fortunate than oursleves.

So I challenge you – what can you do to impact your local community?




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