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How to Use Instagram Guides in Your Small Business Marketing

Back in May 2020, Instagram launched a feature known as Instagram Guides. This new feature is an easy way to discover tips and recommendations from prominent people on Instagram. 

Initially, the content of the new Instagram guides is centered around wellness. This is not surprising, seeing that the world is presently battling the coronavirus. But more on the limitations in niche later.

If you’re using Instagram for business, you must know how to use this new feature. It can be crucial to boosting your brand’s engagement and audience reach on Instagram.

In this article, we’ll be discussing what Instagram Guides are and how you can use them. Also, we take a detailed look at why Instagram guides are essential to your business. You too can jump on this Instagram trend and get more engagement for your business!

Instagram Guides: What They Are, Examples and How to Use Them

Simply put, Instagram Guides are a recent way for Instagrammers to create and also share content on the app. It allows Instagrammers to follow posts that serve as step-by-step guides. In essence, it’s a way for brands and businesses to make more accurate recommendations to their followers.

Instagram Guides 2

Image Source Screenshots: theyachtstew


When Instagram launched the feature, Instagram Guides content was solely for people seeking wellness tips during the pandemic. However, in November this year, Instagram expanded the feature to every user on Instagram. The expansion gave room for users to create unique Instagram guides, making them more available to the audience.

Additionally, the expansion didn’t limit the new feature to only wellness. Businesses across different niches can now use Instagram Guides to create content. Also, you can share Instagram Guides in DMs and on your stories. 

You can even use Instagram Guides to share your favorite locations, restaurants, and products. It’s a fantastic opportunity to follow the latest Instagram trends.

Here are some examples of Instagram Guides:

Instagram Guides 2

Image Source Screenshots: noyette.noyette

Instagram Guides 3

Image Source Screenshots: pureenrichment


Why Local Businesses Should Use Instagram Guides

If you’re unaware of the benefits of Instagram Guides, you may not see a need to use them. But there’s a lot your business can enjoy from using Instagram guides.

For instance, Instagram Guides help you put out more helpful content for your followers to enjoy and learn from. Also, Instagram Guides can help the average user find and buy new products. For a local business, this is a great way to expand an existing customer base.

Local businesses can also gain the benefit of adding more information about shoppable products. This way, you can give your customers relevant information about available products before they even message you.

How to Create Instagram Guides

Creating a guide on your Instagram is easy. There are three Instagram Guide formats you can pick from. It all depends on the kind of content you want to post. Here is how to create Instagram guides.


Image Source Screenshots: wemakestuffhappenhq

On the right hand of your Instagram profile page, click the + icon. Move on to select “guide.” You’ll see three options:

● Products

● Places

● Posts

Instagram Guides 6


Image Source Screenshots: wemakestuffhappenhq

Select the guide format of your choice. Note that” products” is only for creating a list of products available on Instagram shop. 

If you’re a business owner on Instagram, you can use the feature to add commentary or context to your products. Additionally,” places” is strictly for sharing recommendations on locations, cafes, and city guides.

How to Promote Your Instagram Guide

Sharing your Instagram guide is a sure way of increasing your business’ discoverability. You can easily share your Guide as a direct message on Instagram via direct message (DM) or your Instagram story. 

To promote your Guide more effectively, add a text when sharing your Guide explaining your reason for sharing and more information on the Guide. To share your Instagram guide, click on the paper place icon, and share it with your followers.

It’s noteworthy to know that Instagram guides are different from stories. Unlike stories, Instagram guides remain on your page, except you decide to delete them. Also, they allow for a series of posts on a particular topic. For instance, you can create a stepwise breakdown of using your local services. 

To Wrap It Up

Instagram guides provide an effective medium to grow your business and audience on Instagram. Since the expansion in November, they have been effective for marketing purposes and are open to all Instagram users. 

Also, Instagram guides can serve as a way of giving your followers valuable content that is shareable. This article gives you a detailed insight on how to use and create Instagram guides.

From the content above, creating an Instagram guide is easy and doesn’t require several steps. As long as you have a page on Instagram, you can create your guides and share them with your followers. 

Thankfully, the guides are no longer restricted to wellness. You can create your Guide on products, posts, and places. Let’s get to creating!

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