Happy Friday! Our last look at YouTube (For now) with my good friend and local celebrity Michael Thorne – @mynorthlangley on Twitter.

Michael is part of a very successful Realty team in Fort Langley BC. Some time ago, I watched a new Facebook page evolve called “My North Langley” It’s a fabulous community-focused page serving as a hub and has been a massive success. Perhaps what I’ve admired the most, is how Michael and Tyler have selflessly led the page and have never once pitched their own businesses, but have given so much opportunity to so many others. Here’s how they did it:

“Every few days in the grocery store or a coffee shop I hear “aren’t you that My North Langley guy?”.

It’s true – I am “that My North Langley guy”.

Almost two years ago a good friend of mine, Tyler, and I had an idea of starting a community Facebook page called “My North Langley”. We wanted it to be an online ‘town square’ of sorts, where the community could engage and share with each other events, advice and stories about our community. We never dreamed it would grow into what it is today.

Video has played a large role in the “humanization” of the page. Whether promoting an event or sponsoring local families at Christmas, video has been the best way to tell the story. It is amazing how much context is created between the video and the viewer. It is clear that the person saying “aren’t you that My North Langley guy?” feels as if we know each other. I have not received this result with other mediums.

Video is something you are going to see more and more of in the coming years.

Next month “My North Langley” will turn 2 years old. To celebrate this milestone we will be doing our own “90 day challenge” …only 1/3 as long. For the 30 days of April, we will be doing 30 videos highlighting our 30 favorite spots in “North Langley”.

Michael has made us a video to share with us just how he works his magic. You must watch it – it’s the perfect example.

“Like I mentioned in yesterday’s post, equipment is not an excuse for not doing video. In this video I break down the simple and inexpensive equipment we use to shoot our videos.

How to make a video for $100!

And it’s that easy! Thanks to Michael for sharing and for all the work he does in the North Langley Community.

I’d encourage you to check out the My North Langley Facebook page. Michael is a great example to us all, and we could all make use of his servant leadership approach and marketing ideas.

We’re also sharing another Facebook Friday event on our page – it’s such a good way of social networking just click on the image and it’ll take you right there. Who know’s who you’ll connect with?

I’ll be sending out an extra email today (I know unheard of!) You’ll want to open this one too. The content is outrageous 🙂

Have a great weekend everyone!



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