Lights, Camera, Action! How to tell your story through pictures and video

Debbie and I recently had the most amazing experience with Tobin & Sarah from Photobin Photography in what they call their Modern Glam Experience. It truly was a Light’s, Camera, Action moment!

I met Tobin earlier this year as we shared the stage at Social Media Mastery. I loved his energy and asked him to speak at our Social Media Challenge Meetup. Hearing him speak, I learned so much about the art of photography. What I also learned more though, was the investment he’d made in himself, studying from some of the great photographers from the modern era.

Always looking for excellence in all things, I booked Tobin to film us. We chose to celebrate our 28th wedding anniversary by doing this, with a hope that one or two pictures might work for our marketing.

Oh my goodness – talk about under promise, over deliver!

We arrived and had such an amazing time – perhaps by watching this video – you’ll get the full picture

We now have more pictures than we could ever have imagined. We started with 144 and could only narrow it down to 132! I’ve never liked pictures of myself, Debbie the same, but these guys truly captured the “real us”

When we went back for our review session, and saw the pictures for the first time. It was with tears of joy and amazement that we saw, perhaps for the first time – how people see us for who we truly are. It was a very powerful experience.

We all struggle with the image we have of ourselves. Those inner voices that tell us every flaw and fault. But Tobin and Sarah helped us override that self-destruct mentality.

They showed us who we truly are. It truly was a humbling, life-changing, powerful moment.

We showed the video to our daughter Maddie that evening. Afterwards, in tears she said – “Mamma, now you can see how we’ve always seen you – you’re beautiful!” How many times in life does stuff like this happen?

Moving forward, we now have an arsenal of images that will tell our story more, perhaps for years to come. Our new info-products, keynote speeches, workshops, round table forums – we’re so ready!


And we want you too to be able to have that same experience! We’ve asked Tobin for some exclusive #makestuffhappen offers for our friends and followers. This isn’t an affiliate offer, it’s a genuine discount that we’ve negotiated, so you too can discover the joy and and see the results that you deserved and need to – so here’s the deal………drum roll!!

Jonathan Christian’s Brander’s Dozen *

The basic Modern Branding Package that will take your web presence to the next level.
This package includes pre-shoot consultation, hair, makeup & styling, coached photo shoot, in-studio purchasing session and 13 digital images.  
This package for $1548, you save $250 off the retail price! *Limited time offer

Makin’ Stuff Happen Package *

This is the mother of all Modern Branding Packages that will take your online and off line presence to the next level.
This package includes pre-shoot consultation, hair, makeup and styling, coached photo shoot, in-studio purchasing session and the GALLERY of digital images.  
From this Modern Brand session you can expect images that can be used for LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, banners, your personal website, speaking engagements, books and so much more.  Show the diversity and personality of your brand across multi platforms while maintaining a consistency of feel that builds trust with your online following.
This package for $2765, you save $300 off the retail price! *Limited time offer
As you can tell – we’re excited and the social media love that’s been flowing has been overwhelming! The spikes in engagement from people’s reactions has been a huge success from a marketing, engagement perspective. But this is so much bigger than that.
This was a big step out of our comfort zone, but we’re so glad we did it – we would so highly recommend these guys and this strategy for you too – you ready to #makestuffhappen?
Jonathan & Debbie


Chief Imagination Officer at We Make Stuff Happen
Jonathan Christian is the creator of We Make Stuff Happen, a unique Canadian based Consulting Agency, helping businesses and non-profits internationally tell their story online and on land. Over the years, Jonathan has worked with hundreds of entrepreneurs helping them learn and leverage their story with massive success.

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