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Staying on our theme of connecting – How are you enjoying all those LinkedIn invitations?

So many people I know just ignore them or simply press accept and wonder – just what is this all about?I have to confess, I used to think spending time on LinkedIn was as interesting as reading magazines in the dentist’s waiting area. But as with email, we need to fish where the fish are gathered. And, as with email,

LinkedIn is where our colleagues and clients most certainly are – so like it or loathe it, let’s make it work.

The statistics are staggering for how many people join, are viewed, give endorsements etc. But really, all that matters is that, they are real people, doing real jobs, who need to know about who we are and what we do. We want to be able to have that inbound/outbound connection route working all the time.

First things first

  • Make sure you have your picture loaded. Ideally one that’s professional and reflects your business/trade. I won’t connect to a silhouette.
  • Ensure you tell people what you do! Job titles make search amazingly effective – you can describe yourself several different ways in the same sentence.
  • If you have an email address that is your company name, you can create a company page. Have all your colleagues do the same. Then go back and re-title your employer, this makes for a hyperlink to your company page. Having a Company page creates more valuable LinekdIn real-estate, and offers another chance to explain the service and value you offer.
  • Be consistent with your updates – share what you’ve recently accomplished with your clients – share real examples.
  • You need to stand out from the crowd when there’s 200M others!
  • Don’t just use their standard stuff – make it your own – list your Website/Blog/Facebook/Twitter – make it easy to connect.
  • Register your own LinkedIn URL – so much more professional.

Am I making sense or using too much jargon already? Perhaps, take a look at mine and you’ll see what I mean http://www.linkedin.com/in/jdgem

Make connections one person at a time. Import your email list and see who is already on LinkedIn. You can send mass invites or send them one by one, day by day. Take time to read other people’s profiles, take an interest in them and you’ll soon establish a real relationship. Don’t just post something every so often and leave. Read what other’s have shared and Like or Comment. If someone comments on yours, make sure you get back to them. Remember we’re in the relationship building process!

In my preparation for this post over the past week, I’ve done all of the above stuff. I’ve made over 50 new and valuable connections. I’m very thankful for each new link and I sure let them know it . My 1000 relationships now give me direct access to 10.8 Million other real people on LinkedIn – wow! Now that’s a database worth investing time in don’t you think?

Here’s a neat tip that I love to use. I’m not on the premium paid version but I do get to see the majority of people who have viewed my profile in the past few days. So, if we’re not connected, or even if we are, I’ll go read their profile, (If I think there’s a fit, and there almost always is), I’ll write them back.

“Hi Jim. I noticed you dropped by my profile this week, not sure if you know about the daily business post I write each day about using Social Media for people just like you and me. Here’s a link wemakestuffhappen.com/topics/blog/.  Hope you find it useful. And, I’d be honoured to have you as a connection. Have yourself a great day!” Works almost every time!

These are people who are actively using LinkedIn. Isn’t that the perfect win/win?

Of course it all comes down to Effort. Once again, if you Enlighten, Engage and even Entertain from time to time (remember this isn’t Facebook) you’ll soon have an amazing array of connections and more people you can do business with than you’ll ever have time to maximize!

So, are you LinkedIn? You’d better be!

I’m looking forward to having the LinkedIn Grand Master, my good friend Kevin Knebl share with us soon. He shares about this stuff Internationally and does it ever so well – we’ll sure have fun and learn a tonne from him soon!

Jonathan – click here to connect It would be an honour to be your LinkedIn connection.

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