Are you starting or uplevelling your business?

Join us for our Brand New “Make Business Happen”

90-Day Intensive Group Learning & Coaching Program.

Are You Ready to Create your Succesful Business Model?

Maybe you’ve got an idea and don’t know how to launch?

Or maybe you already have but it’s not getting the traction you want and really need.

There’s a fire in your belly and you know you can make a difference in the world.

Wouldn’t it be great to work a team of seasoned experts, dedicated to your success?

Have we got a program for you…








We work with you in a virtual small-group setting to help you master your business, social media and content strategy, all in the comfort and privacy of your own home or office.

Spend 15 weeks with us as we help you launch your business and give you all the help you need to be a profitable success!

Does this sound like you?

  • You have no real online presence or one that not’s working
  • The very idea of being online feels alien or uncomfortable
  • Your ideas outpace your marketing– what worked while you were building your business doesn’t match the high-value of what you offer today.
  • You don’t have a website but need to make consistent income before you invest in one
  • Yiu have a website but very little quality traffic and conversion
  • You have set up all your social media pages but feels like nothing is cohesive. 
  • Your inconsistent social media presence isn’t creating raving fans.
  • Have you nailed your elevator pitch?… Or perhaps you have a new story to tell?

You’re ready to

Release your book – Sell your course – Launch your podcast – Close more deals… but  you don’t have time to understand all of  the platforms, systems,  content & testimonials and spend a year project-managing all the loose ends. You need a team of experts who can guide you through ASAP.

It’s Time to Uplevel and Change the Game and #makebusinesshappen

How would this sound?

  • A team of actual experts with over 10 years of digital marketing experience working directly with you?
  • Learn how to share your story  in such a way that people just can’t resist wanting to know more
  • Having your free gift or download thought out and ready to go to work
  • SEO fully explained and how to implement
  • Writing Content that Engages, Entertains & Excites your audience
  • Professional Social Media banners, bios and branding for all your platforms, sized correctly and strategically explained
  • Advice on your own unqiue brand style guide 
  • Specific advice and strategies for your next launch or promotion
  • Coaching and consultation to help you understand and fully move forward with your online business

Imagine the joy of loving your business strategy, social media, and your content marketing  – with full accountability and a small group mastermind totally committed to each other’s success.

Hey, Entrepreneur!

It’s time to shine online and onland.

Here’s a taste of what we can do together:

Stage 1 – Business Strategy

“We’ve become a brand that people that people now know about! Before I was just a best kept secret :(“

“This program offers a creative and productive way to help entrepreneurs develop a business plan that is meaningful and connected to your full life.”

—Diane Rennie, CPCC, APR

Co-Active Coach & Communication Strategist

We offer a series of comprehensive, sequential, live group trainings to evaluate your current online marketing and business strategies, revamp your existing approach, and train you to implement your revised strategic plan and leap forward.

Filled with big ideas to serve small business, this exciting, customized and detail-oriented group training serves small business owners through hands-on evaluation and guidance over a 90-day period.

The Business Strategy portion will cover:

  • What’s involved in building an effective Business Strategy

  • The basic tenants of Creating a Communications Strategy

  • Develop key messages you want your ideal clients to know

  • Getting your story media-ready

  • What is the current brand of your business?

  • What would you like it to be? How can we expand on the pieces that are working?

  • Identify the big picture of your business

  • What are your vision, mission and values?

  • How do these values show up in your online and real life strategies?

Our extraordinary Business Strategy Program makes talking about the most fascinating aspects of your business as easy as having a cup of tea with a friend, and produces a final product that is filled with meaning… not salesy messaging!

The Hamlets Website for Retirement Home Company

Stage 2 – Social Media Bootcamp

“Jonathan has changed our business from a page with no interaction to one that reaches hundreds and thousands daily.  He is the real deal, he always goes the extra mile to help his clients.”

—Crystal Michel, Co-Founder, Honest Birth Talk

You’ll learn our 5 simple steps of Social Media Success: This is our foundation program that works for all social media platforms  and both B2C and B2B, Over 5 sessions you’ll learn the art of:


Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin, Pinterest are the new classrooms and networking venues. We’ll teach you how to navigate them like a pro!

Stage 3 – Content Marketing

“This course opened my eyes to what can be done and how to do it. It has made my writing better and my blogs more readable. Lindsay’s real time feed back was awesome. So many times things get missed if its to be done later.”

—Jennifer Smith Koehler, Owner, Tap2Drain Plumbing Services

Learn how to effectively tell your organization’s story through content marketing.

  • Find the stories to tell in your business

  • Get past writer’s block

  • Where to Find Images

  • How to Make Your Own Images

  • Learn to Optimize Your Content for SEO

  • Creating Freebies, Opt-Ins and Resources on Your Site

  • Social Media Schedulers

  • Systematize your Content: Less Work and More Results!

Group Training Sessions & Virtual Coffee

“I have attended the Social Media Bootcamp (2018). Jonathan, you are not only a great speaker and teacher; I was amazed how much you care, and are willing to go the extra mile!” – Ana Warkentin, Columbia Bookkeeping Services

  • Every week – 10am Pacific – exclusive Zoom live calls 
  • Help getting your content ideas together.
  • Smart phone direction and assistance with personal brand photography. 
  • Content strategy for your blogs and social shares.
  • Hot seats to review your posts and ideas
  • How to Custom graphics for your blog & social using Canva
  • How to make the most of Facebook Live and Instagram stories.
  • Consultation on a 12 month social media plan 
  • Social media video production options tutorials
  • Building qualified followers
  • Turning warm leads into paying clients
  • Facebook ads & boosted posts  – all you need to know
  • Everything is recorded and placed in your own learning academy
  • And so much more!

Hear What our Raving Fans Have to Say

I felt seen, heard, validated, held and deeply served.

We just love to work with our VIP Titanium Clients. Listen to what our valued client Dori Klass has to say about her experience working with We Make Stuff Happen.

“Thank you! We went places, to stories, I had no idea we’d go to! They took me to my essence, which is what I do for and with my clients. I felt seen, heard, validated, held and deeply served. The reflections back and encouragement, feedback on the value and structure of my offer, all of it, was gold! I’m filled with clarity, confidence and eager anticipation, trusting it (the website, branding, social media strategy, guidance) will be more than perfect…it will help me to connect with the people I’m meant to know, love and serve. I feel very blessed, happy I chose to make this investment and that they agreed not only to work with me but also to become friends!”

Really fun and enjoyable process!

Here’s what Donna Ceriani of Success Compass has to say about working with us:

“Jonathan and Lindsay created a new website that I love! The design has the perfect blend of functionality and personality. And, I never thought I’d say this about creating a new site — but it was a really fun and enjoyable process. I highly recommend working with them!

THANK YOU for creating a design that incorporates so many of the elements of my brand in a VERY clever way (me towering over the mountains, me on my cell phone, the topographical images, and much more).

And, I appreciate how patient, responsive and thorough you and your team have been in addressing every question, edit, correction or idea. I know it can be frustrating along the way but everyone handled each item beautifully.”

Are you bigger than your branding? Are your ideas bubbling over but have gone no further?

We know how much work it takes  to generate leads and deliver your offer.  You really need  your online presence to be enagaing and enticing. You need a team to come alongside, bring their magic, and position you perfectly for that quantum leap you so want and need.


Get access to seasoned industry professionals who totally know how to #makebusinesshappen 

Everything You Need!

Lindsay Carlson
WMSH Director, Websites and Brand Strategy
Course Director, Power Content
Jonathan Christian
WMSH Chief Imagination Officer
Course Director, Social Media Bootcamp
Susan Elford, APR, CPCC, PCC
WMSH Business & PR Strategist
Course Director, Business Strategy

S0 -What’s the Investment?

We’re so glad you asked! We’ve packaged all of our expertise together. To purchase a la carte this would be in excess of $25,000.

But for this year we’re offer just 10 seats at just $14,997.

Or you can also purchase over 3 monthly payments of $5500.

The journey begins  February 15th, 2019.

Open to 10 businesses only!

The first three people who buy will also get a bonus  hour 1-on-1 time with Jonathan, Lindsay or Susan.

(Value $500)

Ready to Join the Party?


  • 1 year of access to all recordings ($1000 value)
  • 1 year of Virtual Coffee calls, live every Thursday at 10AM PST. ($5000 value)
  • Private Facebook Group Access ($2000 value)
  • Alumni Pricing for Future Programs = priceless!
  • Your very own Tripod/Selfie Stick & Diva Light $65 value
  • Hands-on instruction from Jonathan, Lindsay & Susan online via Zoom – 18 live trainings  ($15,000 value)
  • The first three people who buy will get an hour 1-on-1 time with Jonathan, Lindsay or Susan – valued at $500
  • Pay in full and get a full suite of social media graphics (FB Cover, YouTube Channel Art, Linkedin Banner, Twitter Header (Value: $500)

The Make Business Happen Program positions you perfectly, in just 90 days

Social Media Presence + Content Marketing + Business Strategy bought separately would cost over $25,000.


Now Only 8 Spots Available!

Next intake starts Feb.2019.

Our Expert Team will be with you the whole way through Business, Social Mediaand Content Marketing that will FINALLY get you the strategy and visibility you need.

YES, this is for you if:

  • You are a thought-leader in your industry, and truly believe in yourself
  • The majority of your clients need to find you online
  • You have raving fans waiting for each piece of new content
  • Your current website isn’t working well or you’ve yet to build one
  • Your business growth has hit that stage where you HAVE to make this work
  • You  are fed up of knwoing you have the solution to people’s problems but they just don’t who you are
  • You lie awake at night feeling alone and yet knowing there is a solution out there that will totally get you where you need to be

Imagine loving EVERYTHING about your online business!

  • Having a dedicated teaching and coaching team
  • Social Media Strategy that actually works with little or no ad expense
  • A clear, compelling story with an irresistible offer to build your list
  • Ease and freedom throughout the year for yourcontent generation and management
  • All of this along with a mastermind group in this together keeping each other accountable

For over 14 years, we have been changing the landscape of digital marketing. I’m delighted to be joined by two of Canada’s leading PR & Business Marketing  Experts.

We’d love to be able to help you too!

Let’s Connect!

Ready to be our next success story?
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