So the wedding day finally happened and it all went so very well.

#BenFoundHisGem Wedding

It was, honestly, like a dream come true. After multiple months, in fact years, in the planning, it came off better than we could ever have imagined. Our daughter looked beautiful as I walked her down the aisle. Our new Son-in-law welcomed her with open arms and love in his eyes.

Just a perfect day.

And I was one very, very happy Dad and that I got me thinking. Here we are Canadians, British Columbia foreign nationals, arranging a wedding in Europe halfway across the world and it went off without a hitch! How do you do that?

It made me think about the We Make Stuff Happen team and how often clients come to us to pull off the seemingly impossible!

So often when clients come to us they:

  • Really don’t know what they need.
  • Just know they need to get found online.
  • Know they need a great website,
  • Know they need a social media strategy that works –
  • and they 100 percent trust us to know what to do!

And we did the same with the professionals that we hired for this wedding.

Obviously, the location, you have to have a location and the Chateau Tour la Vaucros was fantastic. But that was just a location and that’s kind of like the Internet, it’s just a location.

You have to learn how to make it work, obviously we needed a florist and we had a makeup artist who did hair and all those other pieces made it look great. And you know, people can make a website “look” great, but it has to work and it was the same with the wedding.

To make it work and we realized early on that the only way to make this truly work was to hire a professional wedding planner, her name was Stephanie from Wedding Planner Provence, and she made it work. She knew the vendors, she knew the location, she knew what we needed.

Jonathan Christian and Stephanie from Wedding Planner Provence

Stephanie knew the logistics of how everything would come together, and it did. It was seamless. I love Stephanie, we’re now friends with her, we first met when we came to plan the wedding back in the fall of last year. She understood what we did for work, and, in fact, she even invited me to speak about Instagram strategies at an International conference in Provence in the spring, for International Wedding Planners and Photographers.

Debbie Christian and Stephanie from Wedding Planner Provence

So she was a friend and I don’t think we got any different treatment than would any of her other clients, except that she said to me “for the next two days, your daughter is my daughter and I will treat her the same.”

We had the most fabulous experience and you’ll see from the pictures just how beautiful it was.

#BenFoundHisGem Wedding

Using the same process, people hire us for their online marketing – because we’re professionals.

We know what do do and we do it seamlessly, from creating compelling content to getting photographs taken, right down into the Meta descriptions and Alt tags.

We know what makes a website work and when we launch and people are so happy, we’d like to think it was like a wedding day.

Mr and Mrs Hulbert #BenFoundHisGem Wedding

But there’s the other part all weddings have; the union of two families. And we joined with another family – The Hulberts.

We met Ben five years or so ago after he started dating Gemma she brought him out to meet us. Now, we know his family really well, his Mom and Dad, his grandparents, his aunt and uncle, his cousins, his friends. We now have a relationship that will go on for many decades.

#BenFoundHisGem Wedding

And again, I know it’s the same with us and our team at We Make Stuff Happen and our many clients.

We make amazing stuff happen when we work with a company. We get to know the whole team from shipping and receiving, through to sales and marketing, and the administration team through to the company owner. We learn the history of how the company came to be and where it’s heading.

We’re learning all that as we have with this new family. And that’s a difference, I think, that our agency has compared to others. We’re very much family focused. I mean the very the initials of our company JDGEM is our family, Jonathan, Debbie, Gemma, Ellen, and Maddie. So we get it, we get family, we get relationships, we get seamless and it just works.

The "GEM" in JDGEM, Gemma Ellen and Maddie Christian

This week Debbie and I are in Europe.

Taking a week off, giving our brains and bodies time to reconnect and rest up and enjoy a little bit of time for ourselves while our daughter goes on honeymoon with her new husband.

So that’s my analogy for weddings and social media and websites and hiring a professional.

Sometimes, you know, it’s just works.

I once read : “if you think hiring a professional is expensive, try discovering the cost of doing it yourself.” Isn’t that so often the case?

Thanks for reading, and thanks for the hundreds of best wishes and messages this past week – we so appreciate every single one of you.

We’ll see you again next week!

Jonathan and Debbie Christian, proud parents of the bride

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