We all need a Motivation Monday idea to fuel our week ahead.

In business you make additional money in one of three ways:

  1. Raise your prices
  2. Find new Customers
  3. Sell more to your existing Customers

1. Isn’t too easy unless you’re adding more value, in this economy

2. Is where we spend the majority of our marketing time

3. Should be the easiest of the three but is the area we normally neglect to nurture.

So what’s the big idea for this week? For Motivation Monday we need to increase our audience reach!

When you show the value you bring to your customers to others, this gets you the attention you’re looking for. These stories speak for themselves.  Enter the wonderful world of Social!

Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Linkedin, Instagram are all highly effective marketing platforms for story tellers to excel on. Then add in Email marketing and we’re starting to weave a strategy together.

Don’t rely on one platform or another – like your investments, you need a balanced portfolio. Get this strategy right and your business will grow exponentially no matter what the economy!

We see it every week with our retained clients – how’s it working for you?




Chief Imagination Officer at We Make Stuff Happen
Jonathan Christian is the creator of We Make Stuff Happen, a unique Canadian based Consulting Agency, helping businesses and non-profits internationally tell their story online and on land. Over the years, Jonathan has worked with hundreds of entrepreneurs helping them learn and leverage their story with massive success.

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