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Here’s an interesting scenario – what do you do when have more client’s than there are hours in the day? – and that’s not an excuse to just up your prices and be choosy.

That was our 2015 – When your marketing works so well that so many people want and need your stuff. Our very passion is to help as many people in business as we can – we hate to say we’re too busy.

Instead of busy I kept saying “we’re very blessed”

sandi krakowski
Our 2015 mission, (apart from helping as many people as we could) was to find a way to overcome this with a win/win opportunity. Einstein’s definition of insanity was clear in my mind – so I turned to someone I most respected and who had achieved the results we were looking for and asked her to Mentor me. That person was Sandi Krakowski Together with a group of amazing Entrepreneurs – we began a journey.

I learned so much about myself and the way I had been doing business over the coming months. About how best to use my time and I learned to delegate more. Keeping focus and being accountable made a huge difference. Can’t say it was always fun, but it was all worth it.

By the fall we had a strategy together and we put a detailed plan together, set dates and goals. The re-invention of #makestuffhappen was beginning. That hashtag became our everything. I began a daily VLOG to help build our audience and get people comfortable with me and how I think. We also started re-engineering how best we could work on a one to many model and how we could transition our already, very successful coaching model into a virtual interface,

We settled on offering three programs. We’re delighted to announce that those programs are now ready and launch February 1st 2016.

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We launched the programs January 12th on our very first live Webinar – we called it #Kickstart2016. We gave away some of our best advice to get everyone fired up, excited and making their own stuff happen. If you missed it we were able to record it – click the box to the right and we’ll send you your own copy.

So here’s something we didn’t quite expect! We had more enquiries about our VIP program than anything else! In face at time of writing, we only have two seats left for our first series! The Mastermind is also over 60% subscribed. The Inner Circle is however wide open to everyone so there will always be a seat available.

What a way start to 2016! Everyone knows that Social Media is a must for every business! We’ve been leading by example and continually learning since 2008. With over 500 success stories under our belt – it’s time. Time to help many more great people – no matter your location or time zone!

We’re ready – are you? Sign up by February 1st and we have a whole series of special bonus gifts for you. We’ve spent months locating and testing the very best and easiest to use video equipment to compliment your smart phone. Depending on the program you choose, you’ll get one, both or all of the bonus items.

As you can tell we’re super excited to be able to help so many more people this year – it would be our honour to help you too! This has been a huge step out of our comfort zone for us – but to succeed that’s what we all must do. As we learn, so do you. That same focus and accountability we had to take on we want to do for you too.

Whatever your desired level of intensity and investment, there’s a program custom designed for you.

Together, let’s Kickstart 2016 into being your best year so far!

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