Happy New Year Everyone!

Personally and professionally (is there a difference when you’re self-employed?) 2011 was A GREAT year.

2012 looks to be equally exciting and challenging as we learn and conquer new stuff.

This time last year I was just getting into Linked in and through great networking I’ve been able to engage with over 500 contacts. Gotta thank my friend Kevin Knebl for getting me going!  This year I’ll also be working on Google+. Did you know over 67 Million have joined already? If you have a Google account, it’s so easy to add to your profile. I’ll let you know how my journey goes.

But today, I wanted to feature Facebook’s Timeline. My new rule is – if I get asked something twice, is to write a blog post – well, as I’ve had 5 emails today alone here we go.

The first thing is “keep calm”  – it’s all good! I’ve been using it for a few months through a developer’s app and I’m loving the features. Basically we’re going towards a digital genealogy from when we were born (if you choose to share the year) right through to today. It’s a lot more detailed from when you first joined Facebook and you can jump back in time right to 2008 or whenever. One feature I like is that you can add life events, such as a first date, or the loss of a loved one.

To get started I would suggest you watch their video and enjoy the concept – at the end of the video there’s a green button to help you join – here’s the link


It’s coming anyhow so you may as well be an early adopter. Once you start you’ll have 7 days grace to choose which area’s of your Facebook life you want to share – most things can be added or hidden. Then the funnest part is to add your cover picture. This is different to your normal profile picture. It’s full screen like a website header and you can adjust and reposition it once it’s uploaded. You can choose a new picture or select from your current Facebook Albums.


I’ve heard talk of not promoting your business too much through this opportunity – I’ll see what else I can find.  I came a cross an awesome picture today from my friend Bob Garlick.

Also check out what the amazing Mortgage Diva has put together.

There is a great community page that’s giving lots of great advice – https://www.facebook.com/GetYour.Timeline.2011?sk=wall

So have fun, enjoy 2012 and stay sociable!

A final word of wisdom – think twice, type once – you’ll be glad you did!



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