Challenge #22 – Let’s start pinning!

Do you Pin? Or have you already written it off as a huge waste of time, and nothing to do with real business? Designer with cork board meets the back of a high school locker door in a digital era. That to me, was Pinterest in a nutshell. It’s become a worldwide phenomenon and would you believe is being touted as the future of e-commerce? These stats might make you read on:

  • Pinterest users twice as likely to buy stuff than Facebook users
  • Pinterest Drives More Traffic Than Google+, YouTube and LinkedIn Combined
  • Pinterest Now Generates More Referral Traffic Than Twitter
  • Pinterest users spend as much time there as they do on Facebook

Pinterest is becoming the Social Media game-changer. It’s where the rubber actually meets the road. Business is being done and fast!

Look at the way intel is now being shared via infographics

Pinterest uses well designed sharing tools such as pin, like and repin, as well as leveraging external sharing networks such as #Twitter and Facebook. So when you pin a picture your can share it and others can see and follow.

You can join by using either your Facebook or Twitter account – (The day is coming when you’ll use your Facebook account to join anything!) Pinterest encourages you to create 5 Boards to get you started and you can pick from a series of broad topics. You can then add the Pin it button up onto your Toolbar next to your Hootlet! So, whenever you’re on a web page  and see an image of interest, you simply click the Pin it button and all of the useable images will appear on one screen. Pick the one you want and Pin it.

Now here’s the multi-million dollar genius: Embedded in that picture is a hyperlink straight back to that website! Ok you’re with me now.

Cool picture = direct traffic. Now we’re talking!

Two weeks ago Pinterest released Business accounts. You can now change up your personal account into a Business or start over with one or multiple Business accounts. And tomorrow that’s just what we’ll do. Until then – dwell on this

Pinterest has become the 4th largest organic traffic source in the world!

Let’s get pinning!







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