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Sometimes it’s good to remind ourselves what this Challenge is all about. For me, I’m so passionate about helping small businesses succeed that I ran out of time to run my public Social Media workshops. So I decided that a blog series would help everyone. I know reading one everyday is a task – let alone acting upon them! But, if we’re to keep growing, then our marketing has to go Social and if we all put these posts into practice, we’ll be in amazing shape going into the new year.

Ok, so time for today’s challenge:

Challenge #23 Pinterest for Business.

Pinterest is really fast becoming the first Social platform directly connected with commerce. We all love window shopping. A great picture or video is where it all begins. Customers tell us they get inspiration about what to buy, and are 70% yes 70% more likely to buy from a brand they’ve seen on Pinterest!

People using Pinterest are researching, decision making and buying, isn’t that just perfect?

So we need to have a business page. You need to click to this link:


Pinterest have created an excellent resource with actual test case from major brands for you to research and follow along.

Now,  If you have a profile already you can convert or create a new page. In fact you can create multiple pages providing you have different email accounts to sign in with.

I recommend that you still use a personal picture. People buy from people and they want to get to know who is the face behind the brand. You then must write about what you do and what you sell – be it product, service, speaking, real estate, guttering or even a blog series! We only 200 characters and it’s right at the top of the page. No room for cutesy – be clear, be keyword rich and people will find you.

Now to your own website. You’ve got to get the pin it button on your website below your videos, products, listings, blog posts. It’s good to have a follow button as much as you would a Like us on Facebook button. There is code supplied when you register your page which will link this all up. Send it to your web master – they’ll know what to do with it.

So what if your business doesn’t fit one of Pinterest’s categories? The biggest used section on Pinterest is – wait for it……Other!

So. let’s say  you’ve created a business account and have some boards. You can now edit the cover picture dragging it to the right spot. It would be cool to add words to your pictures. You will have noticed every post I have has a unique image with my own #SMC90 on it. I have these created by two special ladies at the Social Boutique – big shout our to Felicia and Jessica for all their creative genius.

I could write for days on all I’m learning about Pinterest. Take it from me you want to be there!

Tomorrow will be different – I want to share how I first got into Social Media back in 2007 and share an offer to celebrate the first full month of our Social Media Challenge.

Jonathan – btw – I’m challenging myself to have my own business page set up over the weekend!






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