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This Christmas tree is from a farm called Pine Meadows Tree Farms, and about 4 years ago, I gave a keynote to a nonprofit conference. One fellow at the end came up to me and said, “My son needs to meet you. I think this social media thing might work for our company.” I met with Tim, and they’re a great, great family. We built them a website,, go figure, created them a Facebook strategy page, and on their way we went. Gotten a ton of likes by building up through a contest with the ultimate Christmas concert, so we gave away a Christmas tree and a full Christmas dinner that was fully catered, delivered ready to cook, and the lady who won it was a single mom with 2 young children in a basement suite. She messaged me afterward. She said she had enough food to feed 14 people for about 3 days. It was just such a great fit for our contest, so well deserved.

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4 years on, I was just there yesterday, and I picked up this tree. Phenomenal! This is a Nordmann fir. They developed it. It’s like a 9-foot. Smells fantastic. I wish you could smell it, and they’re doing great, probably better than ever, whereas other tree farms have really, really suffered because of low price import trees, and people started selling them in car lots for 20 bucks and stuff. These guys have held firm. They’ve increased their quality. They’ve increased the experience of what it is to be at Pine Meadows sort of at Christmas time. I was there last night, 5:00 on a wet Tuesday, 5 families picking up their trees, and there was a great atmosphere, and I was able to call ahead and pre-order one I needed, because I honestly just didn’t have time to go cut it myself, which we always have, but it worked, and I just love it when a social media strategy just, when we get it right to begin with, obviously, gets better and better and better.

That’s my encouragement to you. This is social media time more than ever with sharing stuff for families, and it warms my heart 4 years on that our strategy is just getting better and better, so I just wish you a great Wednesday.

Don’t forget to find some peace and some quiet in this day.

Our family memory tree

Our family memory tree


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