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Jonathan Christian’s Inner Circle Group

Easy monthly social media training & ideas with group accountability so you can make the most of your marketing.

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Signature Programs from Jonathan Christian

You know Social Media can help grow your business… but perhaps you’re not seeing raving success with what you’re doing.

Wouldn’t it help to know what you’re missing and get the ideas and answers you need?

This program is for small businesses and entrepreneurs who are struggling with Social Media overwhelm.

If you’re like many, you’re probably spending way too much time trying to figure out the best social media strategies for your business. Wouldn’t you rather spend your time on proven strategies that really work?

If you don’t understand how to make a meaningful social strategy for your business, you’re missing out on a huge opportunity for you and your business.

Wouldn’t it help to have a guide, some clear direction, and a road map?

That’s where we come in. Our Inner Circle program is designed to equip small business owners with a clear understanding of current strategies, and a plan to put them all together in a timely and cost-effective manner.

Join a group of people with similar goals who will help you be accountable to yourself, and learn from the experiences of other members. This all happens in our private, exclusive Facebook group.

Are you realizing your full potential to grow your business through Social marketing? Our monthly live training webinars and weekly virtual-coffee hangouts are the perfect solution!

We also record and share each session and we also give you access to our entire vault of resources for as long as you’re in the group.

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Buy Your Monthly Membership Now

Buy your monthly Inner Circle Membership for $47USD per month, billed every 30 days.

If you’re a small business owner, then we’ve designed our Inner Circle Membership Program exactly for YOU!

In this group program, you’ll have the opportunity to learn with other small businesses and entrepreneurs. We also run Social media Campaigns and daily post for a number of businesses across multiple industries – we speak and teach from real experience!

What’s included:

Your Inner Circle membership is your easy ticket to our Monthly Live Webinars, led by Jonathan Christian and other expert speakers. These one-hour sessions cover the tactics and strategies you need to know. We’ll keep you up to date with all the latest trends and changes.

You’ll also be invited to our LIVE weekly virtual coffee sessions, where we take an in-depth look at participants’ businesses, and help them create the right strategy for their business. You’ll have the opportunity for your business to be in the lineup for a “hot seat” — get a full review of what you’re doing and how to max your potential. It’s a total idea fest!

There is no other program on the market that offers such an interactive, strategic group setting — this program is all about hands-on learning opportunities.

We also give you access to our entire vault of exclusive, recorded webinars, for all you need to know about Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, LinkedIn, Twitter and most importantly, writing blogs that convert – we call this Content Marketing.

Even if you’re already on social media, you’ll learn how to get more value from the time you’re spending online.

Get the ideas and tips you need! Join our Inner Circle membership today for just $47 (recurring every 30 days) and let’s make your social strategy happen!

FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions

Is this program a good choice for a social media beginner?

YES! You need to get with it as quickly as possible! We’ve been teaching social 101 since 2009 and we know how to help you fast track.

I’ve got all my social media accounts set up and working… is this program still for me?

It depends — how’s it working for you so far? Setting up accounts is not a strategy. You need a strategy!

How long do we have access to the lessons inside the Inner Circle Program?

For as long as you’re in the program you have access to our membership area

Will this program help me in my niche market?

Yes! The strategies we teach apply to all niches.

What kind of support do you offer in the Inner Circle Membership program?

Our private Facebook group brings together all of our team of experts as well as like-minded entrepreneurs who quite likely have been through what you’re asking about. We love to help all of our group members and are famous for going the extra mile.

Do you offer any kind of guarantee with the Inner Circle Program?

Two things – we guarantee that without it, you’ll be worse off! Second – and more importantly, we always stand by our promise to deliver our A Game every single session. If you’re not happy –no problem. We hate to say goodbye but if we’re not a fit, you can cancel at any time.

Will the sessions be recorded?

Yes! We’ll give you access to all recovering via our private Facebook group.

Do I have to have a webcam?

No – you can join us via audio either your computer, tablet or smartphone. But we love to see smiley faces and miss yours if you didn’t.

When does it happen?

Usually the first Tuesday of each month at 2pm PST. Virtual coffee is always on Thursdays at 10am PST.

Buy Your Monthly Membership Now

Buy your monthly Inner Circle Membership for $47USD per month, billed every 30 days.

Raving Fans

A huge THANKS to Jonathan Christian at ‪#‎MakeStuffHappen‬!! There are two things I love about him. The second most important one is how he makes social media so simple and accessible for me. There’s a CRAZY amount of information out there about what you should do to succeed in the social media world (and a lot of it contradicts)! It can get really overwhelming. Jonathan made it seem so easy and POSSIBLE!

But the thing I love MOST is his genuine heart and how he really cares about his clients. This isn’t just a business to him. It’s a calling. It’s obvious he really wants you to succeed and will go the proverbial extra mile to make sure you do AND has all the skills, knowledge and practical tools to help you do it! I have to give a shameless plug and say if any of you are wanting to grow in impacting the social media world, I highly recommend Jonathan and his programs.

Thanks Jonathan! I wouldn’t be able to do this without you!

Katherine Martin

Speaker & Author, Three Heavens

I had the sincere pleasure of connecting with Jonathan 2 years ago via Twitter. I quickly realized that Jonathan really understood the systemic value of social media and how it can have huge impact for professionals and small businesses. More impressing than this however was the genuine passion and care that Jonathan shows for everyone he meets and works with.

I attended Jonathan’s Social Media 101 workshop and was impressed by both the quality of content and the actionable steps/milestones that participants accomplish throughout the session. I also have to say that Jonathan’s program has still to date been one of the most professionally run I have experienced.

For anyone who is striving to understand the basics of social media, and more importantly how to make it work for your business, Jonathan and We Make Stuff Happen is the best bang for your buck on the market!

Thank you Jonathan for all of your hard work, and for genuinely caring about the positive impact you are having in this space.

Tyrell Mara

Communications and Engagement Specialist, Build Direct

A couple of years ago I was so overwhelmed and Intimidated by social media that I felt shame every time somebody even mentioned the Facebook, Linked or Twitter. Jonathan gave me the skills and confidence to grow my business using social media. Today I am sharing my passion for my work, my articles and tips. Also I am getting clients from all over BC. Thank you Jonathan Christian. You are the best!

Ranka Burzan2

Owner, SOS Simply Clean Solutions

Jonathan has the unique ability to marry Social Media Marketing with SMART objectives for any company. Working along side Jonathan for many years, I value any time I can get to pick his brain on upcoming trends, understanding the value of relationship-based marketing or attending one of his workshops.

I would highly recommend hiring Jonathan if you want a marketing campaign to get off the ground quickly!

Darrell Keezer

President , Candybox Marketing

I can only say positive things about Jonathan. He not only is knowledgable and helpful but kind and friendly. Jonathan likes to make things happen with everyone’s business. I feel blessed and honoured to call Jonathan friend and colleague. The last workshop I attended was SO useful and his daily videos have been excellent.

Patricia Lessard2

Leading Edge Promotions

Jonathan’s personable and collaborative approach make him easy to work with. You can tell he loves what he does. He gives his clients the tools they need to find solutions to their social media and marketing challenges for more effective campaigns.

Lee-Anne Michayluk

Associate executive Director, More than a roof

Buy Your Monthly Membership Now

Buy your monthly Inner Circle Membership for $47USD per month, billed every 30 days.

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