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TheHappening early 2023
A convergence

Go Bust or Grow Up

Welcome to the race, the human race. And what a race it’s been. No one ever considered or could have imagined the magnitude of just how the Covid_19 Pandemic would decimate our world as we knew it.

We each have a story or three of how we’ve been impacted. The least of which was the infamous world shortage of toilet rolls and yeast. For many, their jobs or studies were interrupted and remote working became the new norm. But for the Entrepreneur, it became a tale of two choices – go bust or grow up.

That All Important Work/Life blend

We’ve all heard of the utopian existence of a work life balance. But can that really be possible? The 4 Hour week, Friday Friday’s – they’re all great aspirations. But when you have a business to run, payroll and suppliers to pay, and a family to provide for sometimes the joy of why you chose your career or started your business seems to get lost in the busyness of the moment. Can you find balance or is it more of a blend to be created. With 40 years of business experience and now 17 years since we created We Make Stuff Happen, we’ve learned a thing or two. We’ve always openly shared what we’ve larned and been up to and now it’s time to create that inner circle of knowledge sharing, marketing innovation and business growth. We invite you to join us at our virtual boardroom table.

work life blend

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The future of a successful entrepreneur is not just about turning a profit. Time has taught us that life is way more precious and that each day is a gift.

What if we were to look afresh at our priorities and carve out a new mindset that not only brought in profitable business but a fantastic lifestyle that also gave back to yourself, your family, your community and our world.

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Sounds like a pipedream?

For some maybe – but for me it’s been a rich vein of learning new pathways and loving life. In the recession of 2008 I created one the world’s leading boutique digital agencies – We Make Stuff Happen. And, in 2022, we launched a very successful mastermind with the latest and most innovative and important developments. This is not just another mastermind – this is the birth of a movement. And it’s called The Happening.

How fast you run or how slow you walk is entirely your choice. But as the world comes out of quarantine there has never been a more opportune time to reevaluate and reprioritize your business life.

We all know the success stories of Zoom, Amazon, Hello Fresh, and Peloton. They were all ready to embrace the digital marketplace. We all know of businesses that have been crushed or closed. Was it the market or was it their marketing and mindset?


Many businesses are in a race to the bottom of the barrel. The mentality of having is you must have the lowest price and need to sell it fast. And that okay if you’re Walmart. But what if you are looking for good margins and a low stress life?

The Walmart model works on the need to constantly sell thousands of products but that’s a lot of work. Many people don’t know how to do this but lots of us do.

If you’re looking for the middle or high ground – you really need to study your people, you really understand your place you understand your product, you can sell for a great margin and a great life. I know they say money doesn’t bring you happiness but without it it’s pretty hard and that’s what the Happening all about.

A way of finding new clients, new partners, new people that will bring you the business that you want give you lifestyle that you desire and it’s called that work life blend.

That’s what we are about and I invite you to join me on this journey it starts in 2023 and it’s called the Happening. This is not just a mastermind it is a birth of a movement.

 Join us as we unwrap our unique

 Social Media Success Blueprint


Previous Guest speakers


Viveka Von Rosen

Cofounder and CVO | Vengreso


Andrea Vahl

Facebook Ads Expert


Marcus Sheridan

Marcus Sheridan International


Jenn Herman

Founder | Jenn’s Trends


Mark Schaefer

Director | Schaefer Marketing Solutions


Erin Duffy

International Stage & Career coach

6 months of hands-on training & support

Mastermind 1 / 2020

Jonathan Christian online in headphones
VIP Virtual mastermind screen shot

Mastermind 2 / 2021

Jonathan Christian online in headphones
VIP Virtual mastermind screen shot
VIP Virtual mastermind screen shot

An example of our 6 month membership

wmsh bonuses 2021


Every group member gets a private Social Media & Website Audit to fast start your success. ($1000 value)


Plan your social media content for the month with us. Monthly calls for 6 months.


Join us every Thursday at 10AM for Virtual Coffee Q&A, Coaching and Miracle Seats. Weekly calls for 6 months


Join us every Tuesday at 10am for 1-hour Power Hours of training over the next six months.


You’ll get access to an exclusive Facebook group where you can ask us questions and connect with like-minded entrepreneurs.


4 book club sessions, all books are included.

Book Club

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Book Club selection
StoryBrand Certified Guide with Donald Miller Lindsay Carlson

Your Host Jonathan Christian

mark schaefer

Mark Schaefer


Marcus Sheridan


Inner Circle Membership Program
Enjoy digital access to 5 years’ worth of Inner Circle recordings with guest experts on Linkedin, video creation, Pinterest, blogging, time management, cashflow forecasting, website design, SEO and copywriting. Access the archives anytime through the #makestuffhappen Academy.

Yes, I am interested in…

Make my social media work for me

Nail my ideal audience and get laser focused with my messaging

Increase my bandwidth to reach more people

Be surrounded by a positive mindset

Become the to-go expert in my field

Be comfortable asking people to buy from me

Be part of a supportive, like-minded mastermind

Have a profitable business along with a balanced lifestyle


See what business owners who have already worked with us have to say…

Tim Dyck 1

“I found Jonathan when looking for a certified StoryBrand guide to help build a website for my new business. It was immediately clear that the team at We Make Stuff Happen knew how to build a well-designed website with effective copy. Thankfully, that wasn’t where our relationship ended.

From there, I enrolled in the ‘Get Known & Dare to be Digital’ three-day course. This course came just as my business’ social media needed to get started. Jonathan presented everything in a way that transformed me from being unsure how to start to posting confidently the very next day.

Next, I participated in the VIP Virtual Mastermind Group. Together we learned and compared notes on digital marketing strategies. My business went from just starting on social media to having an effective strategy amongst multiple accounts. Thanks to the Mastermind Group, people are really beginning to notice my business and revenue is increasing.

By working with Jonathan, so much more has been gained than just a great website. I’ve also gained a deeply trusted business partner.”

Tim Dyck Girl Dad
People Developer / Interview Coach / Talent Identifier

“I was totally in the dark about using social media for building and growing a business before meeting Jonathan. He’s both incredibly knowledgeable, and so easy to work with.

Over the weeks in the VIP Mastermind, I learned so much! It helped me to clarify how I might use social media in my business. I now have a better understanding of the value of using, how to use, and how to create great content for social media.

It was also great to be a part of a group of incredible people all working to grow their businesses. This was an awesome experience. I highly recommend the VIP Mastermind.”

Pratima Ramlall, BSc, BEd, MSc, PhD
Chief Operations Officer, Chintan Project
Valerie Hayes

“The Virtual VIP Mastermind has been hands down the best mastermind program I’ve participated in. The program goes beyond introducing concepts and strategies that you’re left to implement on your own. The coaching includes specific how-to DIY implementation guidance and individual feedback to achieve your business goals. Jonathan is dedicated to working towards each participant’s success, no matter where they are in their business. This is a one-in-a-million mastermind.”

Valerie Hayes
Get The Job You Want, Change Your Life


Can this really be possible? Can I truly
keep my business running fully online?

Yes You Can and We’re Here to Help!

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Maybe you can relate…


You’ve never really “got” social media. Feeling too late to the game, too old and out of touch,


You would rather have your privacy over posting what you had for lunch.

You know people need you, but how do you connect them without local networking events in the midst of a global pandemic?
Your competitors have had such a jump and seem to have sewn up the market.
Your loyal customers love you, but you need so many more just like them.
You’ve attended or bought other programs, to end up feeling more confused and distraught about all your have to do that you end up feeling fearful and paralyzed.
There are only so many hours in the day and you want quality family time but NEED to make money and fast.
You love telling great stories but hate the idea of having to write blogs and making live videos.

Wouldn’t it be great to…

wmsh which platforms

Know which Platforms to use and how to post so that you get real engagement without adspend.

wmsh what to say

Knowing each day just what to do and what to say to bring in good business.

wmsh improved profits

Have more time, less stress, improved profits and finally enjoy your marketing

wmsh buying from you
Stop letting people “pick your brain” and instead get them on your email list, in your social space, or buying from you
wmsh five stars
Be able to turn casual eyeballs into 5-star reviews and have them coming back for more and telling their friends
wmsh have a plan
Have a strategic plan, knowing who your ideal client is and what they need to know to want to buy from you at full price!
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Meet your Host – Jonathan Christian

Jonathan Christian online in headphones

Make 2022 the year you join one of the world’s most appreciated Digital Strategist’s Jonathan Christian, CEO and Founder of We Make Stuff Happen. You’ll be in the company of hand-picked, like-minded Entrepreneurs and Business Owners and who love what they do but, because of the on-going pandemic, simply must master the art of getting found online through Social Media and Content Marketing.

“This isn’t fluff or bait & switch – it’s the real deal!”

Jonathan will show you how, after a near-fatal car accident in 2008, he started over with what he’s learned and put into place, not only for his own Company (which is now one of the world’s leading boutique digital agencies) but also for over 1000 Entrepreneurs just like you. You’ll get to meet and hear from many of them during this online event.

“Finally, someone who gets people, profit and purpose.”

In the midst of this Pandemic, you HAVE to have a definitive digital presence and strategy. Jonathan will spend the next 6 months alongside you and set you up for online success, without having to work 24/7. If you’ve struggled to make your online presence known and been fearful of sounding like a used-car salesman, then you’ve come to the right place!

Learning outcomes

In the midst of an unprecedented global pandemic – there has never been a more vitally important to rescue your business. This is an opportune time to learn and develop your own digital strategy that actually works. 

wmsh sales confidence

Content that Converts

wmsh breakthroughs

Business Breakthroughs

wmsh high ticket

Charge Premium Prices

wmsh clear systems

Practical, Proven Strategies

wmsh client attraction

Reach your Ideal Audience

wmsh support

Real-time Coaching and Ideas

wmsh tools

Time Saving Tools That Work

wmsh empowered

New Found Confidence

2023 Mastermind schedule:

We are excited to bring this program back! Launching in January 2023

People mountains lower
icon 1

Care for our World

icon 2

Care for Charity

icon 3

Selfcare & Mental Wellbeing

icon 4

Work/Life Blend

6 months of hands-on
Digital Marketing Training + Support

wmsh improved profits
  • Custom Digital Marketing Strategy
  • Social Media Success Blueprint
  • Lead Generation & Client Attraction Plan
  • Revenue Strategy
  • Pricing/Offer Development
  • Inbound Marketing Strategy
wmsh what to say
  • Weekly live, interactive instruction,
    coaching & feedback
  • Expert guest speakers including well-known
    authors & international experts
  • Inner Circle Membership
  • Next Best Move Coaching
wmsh which platforms
  • We Make Stuff Happen Academy
  • Branding Development Coaching
  • Social Media Audit
  • Content Planning Labs
  • Social Media Book Club
  • Private Facebook Group
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