Marketing in December can be quite the challenge!

You want to be very focused on sales, but you also want to be very focused on a lot of other things that are going on. Especially in December – people don’t have as much as other people. There’s a lot of stuff going on in the world that really needs our thoughts and prayers and money too.

So what is the secret to creating a social media strategy in December?


I was in LA a couple weeks ago and everything was about the terrible shootings in Paris. Here I am in LA yesterday and it’s all about the San Bernadino shootings. December can be a real downer for some people but can be a real up! One of the best ways businesses can make a real “up” is by focusing on some very worthwhile fundraising. At Make Stuff Happen, we are doing our own fundraising event this coming Monday actually. It’s called #doitforEllen. Ellen is our daughter. She’s the E in JDGEM. She’s a missionary with an organization called YWAM. They have a school at University of the Nations where people come for six months. They do three months of training, learning how to respond to people, learning how to respond to international disasters also, but then they go out on the streets for three months and they just love people. They just love on people and do many, many random acts of kindness. It makes a big difference when somebody out of the blue just gives you something for nothing.

Here’s what we’re doing. We have been overwhelmed with over 50 items for auction. Tons of gift certificates for local restaurants and food, electric toothbrushes, printed t-shirts.  We’ve got artwork, we’ve got food, personal training, tons of stuff. We hope you can come join us on Monday at the New York Grill. If you’re not local and I know probably the vast majority of you are not, then watch our Facebook page. We’re going to have lots of ways that you can join in over the next few days. In fact, right through December you can join in too.


That’s the deal – it’s awesome. I love coming back from vacation, because that’s the joy part of getting back into it and hit the ground running. We’re excited. Monday is our #DoitforEllen auction day. I’d say there’ll be lots on our page about that, but in the meantime, have a thought about what you can do to influence your local area. A lot of people need a lot of help this month. You can make a difference. You can make a big difference if you’re a company just by doing the right thing but without saying, “Look at me”

If you’d like to learn more about Ellen’s journey click here 

Anyway, that’s my thought for the day!



The Event was an outstanding success! We raised over $2400 with just 30+ people in attendance!

Ellen joined us live via Skype and was able to personally thank everyone and give a full update on her team and their journey.

A huge thank you to everyone who gave and or generously supported! We are so thankful and grateful for so many wonderful people who helped ‪#‎makestuffhappen‬: Artizan Hair Studioi, JD Farms – Specialty Turkey Store & Bistro, Langley, BC Debe V Designs,Marion Brand Zumba Instructor and Personal Trainer, Three Peaks Health (kinesiology), Duffin Martin Tax & Accounting Elite Kitchens and Bathrooms SOS Solutions Organizing Simple , Mrs. Yaniv, Eileen Dreams , Lance Bowick, Alison Bell & Associates Counselling Group, Tracycakes Bakery Cafe, Thomas Parrish & Wanda Holmes, Your Recommended Realtors, Stevie Christian, Sandi Krakowski, Maria Martini, NY Grill & Bistro, Tamlin International Homes, PacificWest Dental Group, phoTobin photography, Prudential Power Play Realty Langley – Julia Greene, Western Imperial Magnetics, Mr. Locksmith, Duolynx Design & Print,Wescraft, Vicki J Starfire, Cityline Websites, Katt Stearns, Jordan Consulting. Special mention to Sara Roxburgh for bringing the event together with excellence and to the rest of the #makestuffhappen tribe for leaning in above and beyond.

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