I started today thinking about three words that would set my intention for this new year – they are Courage, Trust and Faith

Hey, it’s Jonathan. I am in the middle of a New Year’s Day walk and it’s almost like a blizzard, but that’s okay! It’s definitely put some colour in my cheeks. I bought a new coat yesterday. Talk about good timing 🙂 We took our daughter to the ferry to see her sister, Gemma and went past this new mall and we really needed a washroom, so went inside and there was this new store that we’ve never seen before and incredible sales and I went, “I could use a winter coat”. I had no idea it was going to snow so much!

In fact, it snowed so much today, over the last night, I’ve been walking in snow literally knee deep. I don’t think I’ve ever walked in snow knee deep. I hope you can hear me okay. Trying to keep the wind away from me, but it’s New Year’s Day and I’m on a mission to motivate you, to encourage you, and at the same time keep myself on track.

I decided this morning when I got up  I needed to focus on three words that would keep me strong this year. My first word is courage, my second word is trust, and my third word is faith. Let me explain why I picked those 3 words.

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The first one is courage It’s a scary world out there. There’s a lot of people vying for the space that you live in. There’s a lot of people trying to be better than who you are and sometimes it’s just easier to not bother, but we can’t do that. We’re all providers. We’re all gifted with unique gifts and it’s our job to live that gift. Courage for me is like – you know what, you’ve got to do it all again. You had a great year. It was all good. You have to get out there and you have to be who you’re meant to be. It’s called destiny. For me, my job is to help people get involved in social media, to be able to get themselves found online in such a way that people want to do business with you. That’s what I’m doing right now, I’m getting found on social media. There’s like 10 people on this call live right now on a Sunday afternoon on New Year’s Day. We have so any tools and so much capacity around us these days, it’s super easy to do it. You just need a strategy, you need somebody who knows what they’re doing to walk you through it. That’s my job.

Courage, there’s a famous line in Lord of the Rings, where Merry is on the horse with the Riders of Rohan, just before they go into battle and the lady Eowin says to him, “Courage, Merry,” and they go into battle, so take courage as you go into battle!

My second word is trust, because sometimes the world will just take over and you start to second guess yourself and you think, hm, I don’t know. You have to trust in your own ability. You have to trust that you are the person that somebody actually needs, that you have the gifts and the talents, the skill, and the experience that’s going to take them to the next place and you know that. You have to just trust in your own ability, because you’ve been blessed with it. Nobody is an expert like you. Nobody has the experience that you have and that makes you the expert.

You need courage and you need trust.

For me, the third word is faith. Now, you can call it karma, you can call it putting it out to the universe. For me, in my Christian faith, that’s what I call it. You use whatever you want to use, but it’s not chance when you meet people. It’s not chance. In fact, I sat next to somebody on a plane and they became a great friend and a wonderful client. I’ve spoken at meetups and followed through with people and done hundreds of thousands of dollars with them, just because of one simple talk. I look back at so many of our clients and how they come to work with us and invariably, it’s just one of those chance encounters I call faith.

If you have courage, if you have trust, if you have faith, both in yourself and in as high a power, I call it God, that’s what makes a difference.

If you’re courageous, if you trust in your own abilities and you have faith that things are going to work out, you’re going to have an incredible 2017, absolutely incredible.

We at our company had a great 2016. I’m super grateful for all of you who have worked with us, who supported us, and helped us get 20,000 likes on Facebook, it’s incredible, and that’s just a start. It really is just a start. I have some really heavy, lofty goals for this year, revenue expectations, to hire some more people, but really, it’s to help other people like you.

There’s only so many hours in the day and I want to maximize those hours and work with people. Part of that is looking after myself. That’s why I’m out in sub zero windchill factors, which is just crazy, because I want to look after myself. Debbie and I are on a cleanse today to sort of just kick off immune system back up. We’ve got a diet plan for the whole of January, which is going to be a challenge, but I need to, because I watched the video that I made on New Year’s Eve. I don’t know if you saw it, but I did. That is not the person I want to be physically. I look at that roll of stomach that was hanging over on my belt and I was like uh-uh, that’s going. It’s going.

I am committed to that. I’ve got a friend who he’s going to help me through that journey. Debbie and I keep each other accountable, so I’m going to look after myself. I’m going to look after you and I’m going to keep way better in touch with video, which is one of my big resolutions is to get back and do this regularly. I’m excited.

The sun is starting to set, so I’m going to get back before it gets too, too cold. 

I’m going to wish you a very, very happy New Year blessing in everything that you do. Be courageous, trust in your own ability and have faith that things are going to work out. Together let’s have the most incredible New Year in 2017

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