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VIP Platinum Marketing Experience

Exclusively for clients who are ready to uplevel their marketing with our one-on-one coaching and unique sales strategies.

In this exclusive VIP Platinum Experience, you’ll be guided by Jonathan himself as he coaches you to a perfect, customized online marketing strategy for your business.  We will also bring our expert team of designers, writers, and web developers to create specific strategies and sales tools that will work for your business. This customization will allow you to be highly effective telling your story online and massively accelerate your marketing lead generation.  You too will be able to #makestuffhappen!

We’re excited to offer our VIP Platinum Sales & Marketing Program.*

We can take on your branding, website, social media strategy and launch your business by completely taking care of it all.

In just 90 Days alongside our entire tribe of experts, we can help you make your business maximize its true potential online!

Are you bigger than your branding?

So, you’re running a successful business, and this is where the rubber hits the road: you’re doing high-level business with high-value clients. But your online presence, well, let’s be honest: You’re suffering from #websiteshame. It happens to all great entrepreneurs along the way.

Tell me if you can identify with these statements:

  • Your success outpaces your branding – what worked while you were building business doesn’t match the high-value of what you offer today…
  • You’ve got a pretty website that doesn’t rank in search engines or make sales…
  • Your inconsistent social media presence isn’t enough for raving fans…
  • You nailed your elevator pitch years back… but you have a new story to tell

Now you’re ready to Release your book – Open your course – Launch your podcast – Close the deal …which means you don’t have time to line up all the providers, suppliers, content & testimonials and spend a year project-managing all the loose ends. You need a VIP-Quality Presence online ASAP.

It’s Time to Upgrade your Online Presence to World-Class Marketing

How would this sound?

  • A beautiful website, 100% YOU, fully optimized so you get found
  • Your Story, Beautifully Told
  • Content that Engages, Entertains & Excites
  • Professional-grade Social Media banners, bios and branding
  • Ready before your next launch or promotion

Imagine the joy of loving your website, loving your content, loving your social – and not having to mess with ANY DIY, or team coordination.

Introducing our VIP Platinum Program, which positions you perfectly, in as little as 90 days.

Listen, we know how much work you do to generate leads and deliver your offer. You’re on track for 7-, 8-figure sales. You can’t piece together your online presence any longer. You need a team to come in, perform their magic, and position you perfectly for quantum leap growth.

A white-glove, Done-For-You, VIP Marketing Service that truly delivers.

I  Love My Website Package

Here’s what we do:


  • Custom logo design/upgrade
  • Senior level art direction for headshots, publicity and photography bank
  • Custom graphics website headers, social media banners, something else


  • Professional website fully optimized for multiple search engines (SEO)
  • 2 – 3 custom design options to choose from
  • WordPress platform that gives you full content control when you need it
  • All content, perfectly positioned, to engage, excite and convert on every page
  • Lead-generation tools to build your list with every unique visit


  • Your Story, Beautifully Told – Content Capture Interview
  • We provide our Signature Brand Story – a painless process that captures your Why, your Purpose, and your Personality, and ALL the content we need for your website. Our unique approach makes finding the most fascinating aspects of your business as easy as having a cup of tea with a friend.


  • Your dedicated Project Manager will coordinate your VIP Service through Basecamp
  • Full schedule, with milestones and responsibilities so you’re never left waiting
  • Clear accountability – you’ll never hear “But I was waiting for you to….”
  • Watch progress as it unfolds
  • Hit every deadline, without rushing, without wondering
  • From website wannabe to Online A-Lister within 90 days


  • Custom graphics for your blog
  • First 3 blogs completed and uploaded for website launch

Raving Fans

We just love to work with our VIP Platinum Clients. Listen to what our valued client Dori Klass has to say about her experience working with We Make Stuff Happen.:

“Thank you! We went places, to stories, I had no idea we’d go to! They took me to my essence, which is what I do for and with my clients. I felt seen, heard, validated, held and deeply served. Haven’t seen the ‘end product’ yet but saw little bits and watched Debbie listening intently, having ah-ha’s and typing furiously on her iPad. The reflections back and encouragement, feedback on the value and structure of my offer, all of it, was gold! I’m filled with clarity, confidence and eager anticipation, trusting it (the website, branding, social media strategy, guidance) will be more than perfect…it will help me to connect with the people I’m meant to know, love and serve. I feel very blessed, happy I chose to make this investment and that they agreed not only to work with me but also to become friends!”

Let’s Connect!

Does this look like what you need for your business? Book a complimentary strategy session and let’s find out!


  • Custom-designed banners created and sized perfectly for ALL your social media platforms
  • Perfect Positioning biography copy for every unique social media profile
  • One full year Social Media Strategy – exactly what to post, when
  • Fully integrated social media scheduler for LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram – manage one, and all others populate
  • LinkedIn Profile Power Boost – we create your LinkedIn All-Star Profile


  • Additional interview process: Your Story, Beautifully Told – Digital Capture
  • Broadcast quality video featuring an engaging, vibrant interview that reveals your Why, your Purpose, your Signature Offer and your distinct Personality. Our extraordinary Remote Gallery Interview method makes talking about the most fascinating aspects of your business as easy as having a cup of tea with a friend, and produces a final product that is filled with meaning, not salesy messaging! Use the video on your home page, in social media, ….
  • Broadcast quality slide deck that walks your audience through your Why, your Purpose, Your Signature Method, Client Case Studies and a compelling ask. Use it as a lead generating webinar, Speak to Sell visual aid, TedTalk support…

If you purchase the I Love My Website Package, you’ll get these added bonuses:


Don’t waste another minute spinning your wheels on social media. Our 5-week course teaches you exactly how to generate massive leads and sales on Facebook, LinkedIn & Instagram. These fundamentals work for ANY social media platform. Each class is delivered live, so you get all the training content PLUS the opportunity to get your questions answered.

  • How to create posts that people LOVE so they can’t wait for MORE!
  • How to get Google to feature your content
  • How to turn “Likes” into LEADS
  • How to share the RIGHT way (there’s an etiquette and an art to this)
  • The right balance of business and personal content that resonates with your followers

Start generating REAL sales from your social media presence.


Need great content for your business? Get support, accountability and a system to get it done in WAY less time.. Our 10-week course helps you come up with the best content ideas for your business AND gets your posts written or videos planned out. With so much great new content, you’ll increase traffic to your website, grow your following and build a fan base for your business.

  • Find your Ideal Audience and your Brand Voice
  • Get the step-by-step on how to re-purpose one piece of content for multiple platforms
  • Get tips and templates to create posts faster
  • Find and format images to get more shares
  • Plus get insider tech tips for better search engine results (SEO), scheduling & sales generation

Turn your readers into fans who keep coming back for more!

Case Study: Crossborder Living

Jennifer Patterson is a Global Financial Planner based in Bermuda. Her new company is Crossborder Living. Here’s what we did for her in less than eight weeks:

  • Full Rebranding
  • New Website
  • Social Media Strategy
  • Book Launch at the World Trade Centre in Holland (leading to an Amazon #1 International Bestseller!)
  • Custom Book Illustrations




Custom Graphics

For Jennifer’s book illustrations, she requested infographics with a hand-drawn look.

Jonathan and Debbie Christian

Jonathan and Debbie Christian

Chief Imagination Officers

Have our entire team work directly with you onsite or online.

We fully customize our coaching and unique strategy to suit each business. Along with full access to both our entire vault of resources and live training you’ll also receive:

  • Direct access to Jonathan and the Tribe
  • One on one hand-on coaching and accountability calls
  • Extensive Lead Generation, Social Media & Sales Closing Strategy
  • Collaboration with our full Branding, Website Design, Video & SEO team

Imagine us creating your own unique strategy where we work alongside you and your team and maximize every growth and sales opportunity within your business and help you to maximize your profit and market share.

Lindsay Carlson

Lindsay Carlson

Director of Website Development

Paige Nelmes

Paige Nelmes

Graphic Design & Team Support

Willy Grieve

Willy Grieve

SEO, PPC and Adwords Expert

Eileen Fisher

Eileen Fisher

Social Community Manager

Susan Elford

Susan Elford

PR Strategist

Aanam Gill

Aanam Gill

Digital Media Specialist

Madeleine MacRae

Madeleine MacRae

Director of Sales Development

Melissa Forte

Melissa Forte

Infusionsoft Certified Partner

VIP Platinum Presence positions you perfectly, in just 90 days

Custom world-class Website + Social Media Presence + Both Courses + Story Video + Story Slide Deck bought separately would over $60,000. Let’s talk about the best package for your specific needs.

This white-glove, Done-For-You, VIP Marketing Service means only ONE SPOT PER MONTH.

Your VIP Team will design an A-List Website, Online Presence and Content Strategy that will FINALLY keep pace with a 6, 7 or even 8 – figure business.

YES, you’re ready for VIP Platinum Presence when:

  • You are a thought-leader in your industry, and on-track to online celeb status
  • The majority of your clients find you online
  • You have raving fans waiting for each piece of new content
  • Your current website is pretty, but NOT Search Engine Optimized, NOT high-ranking, NOT mobile-responsive
  • Your business growth has hit that stage when there is immense ROI in building your brand equity
  • You have speaking, selling, team management, book promotion and fulfillment to worry about – FAR too busy to Project !
  • Manage such a massive presence upleveling.

Imagine loving EVERYTHING about your online business!

  • An elegant website that works the way it should
  • Sophisticated headshots, video, slide decks, social graphics
  • A clear, compelling story that makes you irresistible
  • Ease and freedom throughout the year for all content generation and management
  • All this without ever breaking a sweat!

Let’s Connect!

Does this look like what you need for your business? Book a complimentary strategy session and let’s find out!

There is still time to achieve this in 2018!

The VIP Platinum program is available exclusively to clients who are ready to accelerate their business marketing to the next level.

 This amazing program is available to a limited number of seats. Please consult with us if you are interested in this life-changing opportunity. Sign up here to get the process started!

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The VIP program is available exclusively to clients who are ready to accelerate their business marketing to the next level.

 This amazing program is available to a limited number of seats. Please consult with us if you are interested in this life changing opportunity.

Sign up here to get the process started.

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