With the launch of the new Eddie the Eagle Movie. I though it would be fun to revisit this blog written in March 2013 and just see how my ROR or Return on Relationship has been developing

From the original blog – Someone commented on how much time it must have taken for me to write this blog series. Was it worth the effort he said? I guess the best answer would be from you – and I’ve already heard the answer many, many times. 88 times maybe?

eddie the eagle
88 – The year the Olympics came to Calgary Alberta. I never thought I’d end up living in the next Province, while I was watching the one and only Eddie “The Eagle” Edwards – soar off the ski jump. The internet is a wonderful tool to revive long distant memories. Today it’s an even better tool now that we’ve added the Social element.

The true metric is Social ROR (Return on Relationship) and it’s your effective reach  – (the more connections, the more opportunities) – to hear their story and share yours. I’ve been keeping a record of my own connections since we began. So just in case anyone still doubts the power of Social – here’s what we’ve achieved already:


September 2012 352 Likes 

wmsh summer 2012

Summer 2012


wmsh fb reach

At the end of the 90 day Challenge

we make stuff happen


+603 followers during the challenge

Feb 27 2016

Feb 27 2016


September 2012 – 543 Connections

Screen Shot 2016-02-27 at 12.40.51 PM

Feb 27 2016

Google+ finally understood and Google Business listings

Then if we add in Instagram (171) 2016 – 956 Pinterest (228) 2016 374 Foursquare (255) and a few others. (I honestly don’t visit my Foursquare any more)

So adding them all up I’ve made over 2500 new qualified, connections through Social Media in less than 5 months. That gives me well over 5000 actual connections today (Allowing for a few duplications).  When I set out, my goal was to share what I’ve learned and build a community. The new friendships and leads have been a much welcomed but unexpected bonus.

Now is 2016 I’m looking at about 23500 actual connections!.

So was it worth the effort? You do the math! And if I can do it…


PS – the more you invest into others the greater your following will be! How’s your ROR working for you?



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