Today our peaceful country was rocked by a tragic crisis. In the middle of the day, in downtown Toronto, a van plowed into a group of pedestrians, killing 10 and injuring 15 people.

Our family has a large number of friends and work acquaintances in the area, and immediately our thoughts turned to them. Were they there? Was someone we know hurt? Can we help? What can we do?

Facebook Crisis Response
Scrolling through the Facebook feed for news of the incident, something caught my eye. Two of our friends had marked themselves as “safe”.


For these friends, their phones were going crazy with messages asking if they were ok. They saw the Facebook crisis area and quickly marked themselves as “safe”, a notification that all of their Facebook friends instantly received.

When a crisis happens, it seems ridiculous to tell people to get on social media. “Really, NOW you want to go on Facebook?”

Yes, you do.

If there is ever an emergency situation such as an attack that happened today in Toronto, you want to let people who know and love you whether or not you are ok ASAP. And the Facebook Crisis Response does just that.

The Facebook Crisis Response lets people affected by crises tell friends they’re safe, find or offer help and get the latest news and information.

On your desktop go to That section will give you information not only on crisis situations affecting your friends and family, but also worldwide situations.

On your mobile device, use the Facebook app go to the explore section (lower right corner) and scroll down until you see “Crisis Response”.

Not long after I saw our friends were safe, I saw more posts in the Crisis section.

Facebook Crisis Response

Offers of help. Food. Shelter. Assistance. People who were in the area, safe and helping others. It made me cry.

Because there is good in the world, especially when bad things happen.

The victims and families of today’s tragedy in Toronto are in our hearts today. Peace and love to them all for healing and strength.

Eileen Fisher

Social Media Community Manager at We Make Stuff Happen
Eileen is an avid fan of all things “social” and loves discovering new platforms and ways to connect and engage with brands online. Slightly addicted to analytics and statistics, Eileen loves the balance of creativity and details with social media. “Instagram all the things!” is one of Eileen’s mottos and her most popular subject on her Instagram page is always the family dog. Eileen has a background in art and design and in her spare time is active in the Fraser Valley art community.

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