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Digital Marketing Expert, Entrepreneur, Keynote Speaker, Podcast Host

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When life changes in an instant.

 Jonathan’s Sunday was just like any other day. In full Dad mode he was on his home from picking up his daughter from a party.

But in a split second – because of a major car crash – everything changed.

Jonathan sustained a major neck injury. What would the future hold for him, his wife, and three young daughters?  



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And in that moment, it was a new beginning.

Thanks to a world leading Neurosurgeon a solution was found, The surgery was a success but the convalescence long. Jonathan decided to take charge, reimagined how business could be done, and generate new income. He taught himself everything there was to know about digital marketing, website development, and social media.

In just a few short months he was helping small businesses create digital marketing strategies to leverage their online presence and grow their business.

That was 2009. The rest is now history.


A man on a mission.

Today, Jonathan is a recognized leader in digital marketing, a fun and inspiring keynote speaker, and an engaging podcast host.

His mission is to help over 10,000 small to medium size businesses create the business of their dreams.

Is your business next?

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What fellow thought leaders say about Jonathan

Jonathan Christian is on the forefront of digital marketing strategy, especially in the small and medium-size business space. I have witnessed the extent of the digital transformation that takes place with his clients. The businesses he works with have a competitive advantage over companies not engaging with his ideas and processes.

Testimonial Mark Schaefer
Mark W. Schaefer
Executive Director, Schaefer Marketing Solutions
Instructor, Rutgers University Business School
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Jonathan’s mission is to help you grow your business and leave a lasting impact on your community.