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I meet with awesome people all the time who are exhausted and demoralized because they’ve tried their best and still not seen the results they were hoping for. That’s why our signature Inner Circle program is live and online — to deliver the real-person support that will help you break through barriers.

I’ve been in these shoes too! Imagine being a serial networker, relying on referrals for new lead and then being taken completely out of the loop. That’s what happened to me! In 2008 my world collapsed after a major car accident. I had to have my neck literally rebuilt and couldn’t leave my house for months! All I had was a phone and a laptop. I taught myself the art of Social Media Marketing and to this day I’m still learning and sharing.

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8 Ways to Find Great Stories to Tell in Your Business

Ever see a creative marketing campaign that you wish you'd thought of? Do you wonder how other people come up with interesting angles on their content? This used to be the sort of thing that only creatives at advertising agencies had to do. Now, if you can tell a good...

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Now this is customer service! #shoutout to The Polly Fox!

Now this is customer service! #shoutout to The Polly Fox!

It's so rare these days to be blown away with awesome customer service - #shoutout to The Polly Fox We had a major snowfall this weekend - it's winter! But this is the Pacific North West - not Ontario! I had just finished clearing my driveway for the third time in...

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We’re Hiring a Social Community Manager!

We’re Hiring a Social Community Manager!

Social Media Community Manager - Full-time We Make Stuff Happen is a full-service, Abbotsford-based Digital Marketing and Training Agency that helps businesses to tell their story online and on the ground. Job brief: We are looking for an additional, talented Social...

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