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Your Digital Adoption Program Grant

Helping Canadian Small and Medium Size Businesses Excel in a Digital World

Today your business’s ability to compete in a digital world is essential to success. Platforms change quickly, competition is global, and it can feel like a never-ending challenge to keep up with technology.

Now is the time for your business to take advantage of the Canada Digital Adoption Program (CDAP). The federal government created the CDAP program to help Canadian businesses meet the demands of the digital era.


Is Your Business Eligible?

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If you answer yes to the below questions then you’re in good shape for being an eligible applicant!

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Are you a for-profit, privately owned business?

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Have you generated a minimum of $500,000 in annual sales in one of the previous 3 tax years?

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Do you have 1-499 full-time employees?

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Are you incorporated federally or provincially, or a Canadian resident sole proprietor?

How it Works


Confirm Eligibility

Schedule a free 30 minute session to meet with an advisor, ask questions, and confirm eligibility. Your advisor will then work with you to complete the digital needs assessment form on the official CDAP site.


Grant Application

After your form is successfully submitted, the CDAP portal will be made available to you where you can select your digital advisor.


Sign Contract & Start Project

We will send you a contract that outlines the scope of work and highlights your digital possibilities. The solution recommendations will be specific to your business and included in your plan.


Develop & Submit Plan

Over the following weeks we will meet with you to study your digital activities and understand your business, then we’ll create a digital adoption plan with recommended solutions to advance your business’s digital footprint. After the plan is submitted and approved by the federal government, you will receive your grant funding.

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Optional Boosts


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Apply for a 0% interest BDC Loan to Implement Your Plan

After your plan is submitted, you will automatically be eligible to apply for a loan of up to $100,000 at 0% interest for five years through Business Development Bank Of Canada (BDC) to implement the solution of your choice based on our analysis.


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Apply for a $7,300 Youth Placement Wage Subsidy

You will also be eligible to hire a qualified student to assist with implementation of your solution. We can help you with your application for the subsidy.

Your Customized Digital Adoption Plan

Your Digital Adoption Plan will be focused on and customized for your business. We don’t create cookie cutter programs.

We will assess your digital business practices, focusing in on any areas that may be specific to your own company as well as covering a wide range of topics that are relevant to most areas of business.

Next, we identify success gaps and opportunities for improvement including three recommendations with different budgets and timelines.

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Your Digital Playbook is customized to meet your business needs with a focus on growing revenue and improving profit by fully leveraging digital processes and technology solutions.

It’s your tailor-made guide to establishing your business as an industry leader in a fast-paced digital world.

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It’s easy to get started…


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Click Here to Schedule an Eligibility & Grant Application Appointment


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Meet with a
Digital Advisor


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We Create Your Digital
Adoption Plan

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We have 15+ years experience creating digital transformation across a variety of industries.

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The work of WMSH in assessing our digital marketing strategy was instrumental to the growth of Seagate and we wouldn’t be where we are today if not for their help in growing our brand.

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Founder/President Emeritus, Seagate Mass Timber Inc.
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Is WMSH an approved digital advisor for the CDAP program?

Yes, we are approved by the federal government to be a digital advisor for this program.

Can WMSH help us apply for this grant?

Yes, we will work with you to prepare and submit your application. Once approved, we will work with you to execute your project.

Does WMSH charge any fees for assisting in the CDAP application??

There are no fees for assisting in CDAP application preparation and submission.

Why should I work with WMSH?

We are an approved digital advisor and are among the very few service providers certified to help you with all aspects of your CDAP including:

  • Identifying the right CDAP stream for your business
  • Working with you to submit your CDAP application
  • Creating a customized CDAP digital adoption plan
  • Implementing the digital adoption plan
What are CDAP submission requirements?

CDAP launched in January 2022 and at this time there is no set application deadline yet. Submission requirements based on the stream you’re applying for, which is based on your business needs. That’s why it’s important for you to work with a certified digital advisor who can analyze and recommend the right option for you.

What are the CDAP expected results or outcomes?

The expectation is for Canadian organizations to:

  • Have access to programs and services to digitize their business
  • Adopt digitization in their businesses
  • Be able to initiate and sustain growth
How does CDAP help businesses?

CDAP helps businesses gain access to financial support through grants and loans, as well as talent through digital advisors and youth placements.

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