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We learn your business DNA and create a strategy that’s exactly right for you. We’re not just a digital agency, we work across all avenues – Mobile, Digital, Traditional and Face to Face – to find the perfect formula for your business. Then we help you implement and measure it.


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Once you have a strategy tailored for your business, you need the technical and creative expertise to pull it all together. We create Websites, Online Marketing and Content/Inbound Marketing Campaigns, produce Videos, Photoshoots, Graphics, Logos, Newsletters and Special Events.

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We are #SocialMedia training experts. We run workshops for large corporations and associations, teach small groups and coach entrepreneurs through one-on-one sessions. Our content is always up to date. Each session is specifically tailored  – we help you create the exact sales and marketing strategy for your target market.

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Motivate your team with our fun and in-depth keynotes and bootcamps. Based around The Social Media Challenge we specialize in audience engagement with real time examples. Find out why Honeywell, BC Wood and hundreds of local firms have chosen us to be their preferred training partner.


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We Make Stuff Happen was our first choice for presenter at Honeywell’s Connect 2014 Convention in Orlando. Their presentation on using Social Media to generate new business opportunities received excellent feedback from our dealers. Marek Robinson

President - Authorized Dealer Programs, Honeywell Security Group

We’ve worked with Jonathan and his team for over four years. We couldn’t be happier with their creative strategies and marketing services. We just leave it all to them and we’ve never been in better shape!

Kevin Wiebe

President, Wiebe Group

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Hey folks! We’re super pumped for our last Meetup of 2015! It’s on December 7th at the NY Grill and rather than a speaker we have arranged a FUNdraising event called #DoitforEllen. Each year we do one FUNdraising event of our own. Last year we ran one of our Social Media workshops by donation and we raised $3400! This year we hope to beat that – but to do that we need your help! If you’re looking for a way to generate company exposure AND support a hardworking young missionary in her courageous charity work overseas – We have the perfect fit!  This year’s Silent Auction is the perfect opportunity to showcase your services and products to members and their guests, increase your marketing network, meet new potential customers. Why #DoitforEllen? Ellen is a 19 years old missionary, serving with YWAM (Youth with a Mission) in Australia. She’s spent the last two years training and is now a Full time Staff Leader at YWAM Whitsunday. She is now teaching and leading a team of 12. Their training is a combination of study and outreach. Ellen’s travel and living expenses are 100% raised by support from folks like you and me. This fundraiser is to help her make that happen. Ellen has previously lead trips to the Island of Vanuatu just before it was hit by the devastating Cat 5 Hurricane and most recently was working at a Syrian refugee camp in Central Asia. Their next adventure is to the USA!  You can find out more about Ellen on her own website EllenTChristian.com How can you help? Our hope is to... read more

A special Monday Motivation Message from Sandi Krakowski

It’s an honour to have our first guest presenter on our business daily motivation video series. I’ve been following Sandi for many years, after clicking on one of her facebook ads in my newsfeed. In 2012 I travelled to Orlando to attend her Social Media GPS bootcamp and this year I applied to become one of her exclusive VIP clients. I can’t begin to tell you how happy I was to be accepted into her program! It’s been way better than I could ever have imagined. Sandi always over delivers! We were together last week and she very kindly agreed to record our Monday Motivation video for us today. “Hey, this is Sandi Krakowski and it is my honour to be able to be here today for Jonathan Christian’s Monday Motivation. Jonathan is a fantastic client and it was a privilege when he said “Hey, can you motivate my clients for Monday?” Here you have it:  Today I want to motivate you on the way that you think in the beginning of your day is actually framing your whole day. Let’s just cut to the chase. I may look like I’m this happy go lucky girl, with all the colors in her hair and everything else, and I probably look like I don’t have a care in the world or any bad days, but that would be completely not true and not logical. The fact of the matter is, we all have those days. I want to share with you today 3 steps, 3 keys that I use when I wake up and I feel like my head is... read more

Thanksgiving reflections

Thanksgiving reflections 2015 Here in Canada it’s Thanksgiving. A time to be thankful for the harvest and for family and friends. My wife loves to decorate our home and of course pumpkins make their way onto our front deck. But there’s three objects that I keep in my office that adorn our front steps that mean more than anything else to me. 2009 was quite the year for me. Coming out of 2008, there was very little interest in our services. So many businesses had majorly scaled back their marketing budgets. I faced the prospect of having to have major neck surgery to repair the damage from a major car accident. I had my C5/6 disk in my neck replaced with a titanium implant, just before thanksgiving. The surgery and recovery was gruesome. Add that into a very dilapidated war chest of funds and we were not feeling too thankful. In fact our outlook was quite bleak. We chose not to buy pumpkins that year. The children were upset but understood. Our youngest took herself off to the basement, an hour or so later she appeared with these. Nothing could have been more precious. I still remember how I felt when she gave them to me. “We’ve got pumpkins Dad!” They usually sit on the shelf above my desk. A constant reminder of where we once were, and how we came to be where are today. It was at this time I had just started by own Social Media Challenge blog. My good friend Neil Godin had given me a guest writing slot on his weekly Marketing Dangerously email... read more

How do you Motivate yourself on a Monday morning?

It’s Monday Morning already – how do you motivate yourself? Debbie and I had the honour to listen to some of Canada’s sporting greats last Friday at the Vancouver Club. Life and Leadership 2015 was hosted by our good friend and client Duncan Robinson from Wimbleton Financial i John Herdman – Canada’s Ladies Soccer Coach John was amazing – I could have listened to him alone all morning. To hear how he took the Ladies soccer team from good to GREAT! How they were able to achieve the Olympic Podium. How it felt to hear 55,000 sing Oh Canada. How he’s able to draw the passion out of each of his players and make them a world class team was pure inspiration! Trevor Linden – Mr. Canuck himself! “I’m just a local boy who had a gift to play hockey” Such humble servant leadership. Trevor spoke of a Telus golf game back in the late 90’s where his caddie was a young boy named Michael Robinson (Duncan’s son, who just days after passed away from cancer) who had just come out of Canuck Place for the day. He spoke of how it was his courage that was one of the most lasting moments in his whole hockey career. I have no doubt we will see the team that he now leads will be back – bigger and better than ever! Clara Hughes – Canada’s most accomplished Olympian To hear first hand the story of a girl from the Prairies, from a broken, abusive home who just loved to skate. Who was so looking for affirmation and love that she... read more

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