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It’s New Year’s Eve here on the West Coast of Canada, almost time for wrapping it up. And I just thought, so it was time to make a video and review just what year it’s been.

Much of my time was sent drinking copious cups of coffee and strategizing with people. It used to be that I would meet with people and have that cup of coffee. Now it’s all virtual and, you know, we’ve kind of got used to that. We’ve been doing zoom meetings with clients for four years and now everybody’s doing it. So I guess we were ahead of the trend 😉

Looking back on 2020, what a year it’s been, I mean, incredible. There’s no other word for it. Unprecedented is probably another word that’s been overused. We started the year with such high hopes. Our January and February sales were through the roof. I mean, amazing. And then obviously COVID happened and the lockdown started. March was incredible for us too, suddenly helping a lot of clients, who had previously been on the fence about digital marketing, just went all in and that kept us going like through, till May with, with work that came about.

At the same time that all this was happening, I wasn’t traveling and I realized just how much I love traveling, but I also realize how much of me being on stage, being at events and being in front of people, getting the accolades and getting the applause. Writing my speaker-bio, telling everybody about why they should come to my workshop or keynote. And, truthfully, I realized that there was too much ego wrapped up in all of that. In all truth, I was feeding off that ego. That’s not very healthy. So when that was stripped away, I’ve learned a lot this year about balance.

I know I’ve learned full circle about just how much family is really what it’s about. Both my work family and my home family here don’t get lip service anymore. They get real-time attention. And you know, one thing I’ve done differently this year since April, is that I finish work now at lunchtime every Friday. And I take every Friday afternoon off with Debbie and we go do something fun. I haven’t got to the point that I take all day, Friday off, but that’s my goal by this time next year when I’ll work a four day week.

But there were so many businesses that needed help. And I kept thinking, “how can I help them? There’s only one of me and we’ve got a team and we were already all so busy”. And then I realized, having not done this before, but I had a lot of training in the can, a lot of that I’ve done with other clients. So we packaged it up so people can buy it at any given time. We made a very simple price. We made it $297 (it’s normally $997). And we just said to people, if COVID is really affecting you, or you’re scared to spend money, or you have no money. That’s okay. We put a hashtag together #grace. it was all on an honor system.

We ended up selling over a hundred packages. And I know the vast majority of people joined us on grace. And I was so happy that I could help and work with h a hundred different businesses through our virtual coffee program.

It kind of got us to the summer. Typically, Debbie and I would travel and we’d visit and do lots of things. We just started traveling a little bit, but only in our Province, and just appreciating just how much BC means to us and why we moved here in the first place. What I also noticed was that again, people needed help. So we did something, again that we’d never done – I did some live training, it was called Get known and dare to be digital. We did that for three days in August

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I would never normally think about doing an event in August, but it was 2020. Anything goes! So we did and had over 50 people join us for three days of training. Some people just bought it to get the recordings. And I know one company in Ontario has done amazingly well, just following the recordings. But out of that, there was a real desire for certain people out of the workshop, to learn more, to build their own website, to really get their strategy together, to find their voice, to find their ideal clients.

We created, what we call the VIP Virtual Mastermind and had 10 businesses join us, such an honor. And we’re at month five together and it’s become family like a whole new work family, helping businesses right across Canada and the United States really pivot into a new model of doing business.

The old model has gone, the old normal will there ever be a new normal? I think the new normal is just abnormal, but we’ve been able to help people enormously. We’ve done a Book study together with Mark Schaefer and Donald Miller. And now with Marcus Sheridan next month, It’s been an incredible year.

social media book club

We’ve helped more businesses this year than I think we’ve ever helped. Funny enough, you know, We’ve been able to help so many more people because we changed some price points we built out group programs.

So as I wrap up 2020, it’s like a goodbye. I am really grateful for 2020. I am grateful for the time that I’ve been able to reinvest in my family, to delegate more to our team, to grow our team, to find different ways of working virtually. Out of that, we’re leaner, stronger, better, happier, all those things and excited for 2021. Like I haven’t been for a long time. I always get excited, but there’s something deep inside me that says 2021 is going to be very meaningful for the people that we work with.

I’m excited to do a live event in a couple of weeks time, again, Get known and dare to be digital 2. And I know out of that, there’s going to be a group of businesses again that need me and our team will put another mastermind together. I’m sure I’ll get to help another dozen or so businesses really go deep and set them up for huge success, which is what we’ve been doing all year.

That’s my joy and my passion, my reason for getting up in the morning is not just to provide for my family and to provide for our team, and to help businesses be who they were meant to be, to find their voice, to find their ideal client, to market in a way that feels very natural,  storytelling without being salesy, but very much on point. I plan to help a lot of businesses become very profitable from our work together this year.

So I’m just going to say peace out for 2020.

2021 is a whole new year.

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