I’d like to introduce you to my dear friend and client, Augie Byllott.

Augie has a business based in Florida called Creating Wealth USA. He’s the kind of guy that could have retired, put his feet and relaxed by the pool. But nope, not Augie, he’s on a mission to help people create wealth and become independently financially sound through real estate investing.

What a guy! We met in a mastermind a few years back and hit it off straight away and got to know each other really well. As always, when we get to know people, they get to learn what we do and we get to learn what they do. Which is when Augie said, “you know what, we need some help”. At the time Augie had a website which was fully functional and did what it was supposed to. But it didn’t come across particularly well and didn’t convert.

So, we worked together and created him a brand-new website and social media strategy. He was a perfect student! Augie along with his team, Vince and Alexa, they all showed and we went to town. You’ll see from the before and after pictures of their website what a difference was made. Very mobile friendly and to the point. It was a pleasure to work with them and re-purpose their message in a way that really did convert.

website before

website after

We attended several of Augie’s live events in Florida. I spoke at these events and educated his audience on what social media is really about and how to use it effectively.

Creating Wealth USA live event

This is where I found out about Augie’s real passion. His real passion is not about wealth. His real passion is about giving back.

Oh my goodness! Augie is passionate about people with disabilities and how he can help them. He has his business now giving back at every live event.

Through the course of the year, Augie collects and makes donations to a charity that makes wheelchairs. Not only does he donate, but he fills the shipping containers himself and delivers them in person to places like Guatemala and Nicaragua. You’ll see some pictures here of Augie from his recent trip, and wow what a difference he is making in the world.

Augie giving back

That’s why we just love our clients, because they are difference makers.

They actually want to make a difference in the world and not just make money. Augie is just one of those guys. We’ve stayed with him and his wife. Love them to bits! Debbie and I have become their personal friends, we’ve even spoken about arranging a vacation together. It’ll no doubt involve distributing wheelchairs as well!

When clients become friends and friends become clients, you know it’s a win/win.

Augie has raised over $50,000 dollars for the Wheelchair Foundation. Just amazing!

Augie it’s an honour to showcase you today, because you’re the kind of guy that we should all be like.

“Lift as you climb” – Augie Bylott

Maybe you’d like to join us too?

For those of you who would like to donate or learn more, click here!

wheelchair foundation
giving back


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