Coming up with great CONTENT doesn’t need to be a full-time job! 

If these sound familiar, we’ve developed this course for you! Do YOU:

Struggle with writing blogs to market your business?

Need to create content for your website and social media, but don’t have time to write?

Wish you had a plan for what to write on your business blog and social media?

Have great ideas that seem to disappear when it’s time to write a blog post?

Struggle with getting the technical parts right?

Want ongoing support and motivation?

Our Content Marketing course will help you come up with the best content ideas for your business AND help you get your posts written or your videos created.

And the best part is, you’ll have fun doing it! Our courses are community-focused, keeping you engaged and accountable, with live sessions and like-minded groups of entrepreneurs and business owners.

This course exceeded my expectations! It went through so much theory and then we went through all of the practical implementation too.

So many courses only give you theory and then upsell you the next course to be able to actually use all that knowledge. With the checklists and system we went through I can develop all my content effectively.

If you are ready to start developing your business blog this course will be incredibly helpful.

Leigh Matheson

Founder, The Franchise Parentpreneur

Imagine a group where you learn what you need to know AND get supported so you can quickly and easily create fantastic, engaging, and educational content.

With Our Complete Content Marketing Course, You Will:

  • Turn your passions and personal stories into entertaining and educating content that will set you leagues apart from your competition
  • Discover how to create engaging blog posts WITHOUT writing
  • Discover our ninja secrets on how to pick the right titles for your blog posts and keywords for maximum searchability
  • Create and publish at least 4 blog posts that you’re proud of and that speak to your ideal audience
  • Easily optimize your videos or blog posts on your website so you avoid tech gremlins
  • Get the step-by-step on how to re-purpose one piece of content onto all your social media accounts

This course opened my eyes to what can be done and how to do it. It has made my writing better and my blogs more readable. Lindsay’s real time feed back was awesome. So many times things get missed if its to be done later.

Jennifer Smith Koehler

Owner, Tap2Drain Plumbing Services

Create Your Blogs and Power Content with Us!

You’ll get your blog posts (or video-blogs!) and key social media posts DONE!

(And you’ll get way more mileage from all your hard work! )

Even if you don’t enjoy writing and would rather go on camera or create audio files… we’ll help you turn it into strategic website content!

We’re offering a high-accountability hands-on course for an all inclusive price of $2997.

Due to the high level of engagement, we keep this course limited to a small group size. There is limited space available. Grab this course and change the way you do content marketing– click the orange button to sign up!

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Get the Content Marketing Strategy we use with our VIP clients to increase traffic to your website, grow your social media followings and build a fan base for your business. 

What will I learn?

This is a 8-week hands-on, GET IT DONE course. Plan to work and get lots of feedback and ideas!

There are 8 Sessions to help you get the work done!

  • Find your Ideal Audience and your Brand Voice
  • Determine the stories to tell in your business
  • Create your 3-Month Content Marketing Plan
  • Create and publish at least 4 blog posts that you’re proud of and that speak to your ideal audience
  • Build your Power Content then tell your story across all channels
  • Set goals! Accountability is built-into the program
  • Get group feedback & ideas to help you improve & keep producing your content
  • Help with technical skills hurdles that would otherwise slow you down!

Get the step-by-step on how to re-purpose one piece of content onto all your social media platforms, including ones you might not yet be using!

How it Works

This course includes different types of sessions, to help you get your work done!

  • Strategy: Understand how it can work for YOUR business
  • Live Brainstorming: Find your best topics
  • Group Feedback: Work on your blog posts and get feedback
  • Community & Accountability: Share your progress with a group of like-minded business owners working together
  • Teacher Connection: Get Lindsay & Jonathan’s feedback on your work
  • Technical Support: Get the most out of your WordPress blogging platform

I felt absolutely encouraged and supported. Lindsay and Jonathan included everyone with their examples and references and you gave us all the opportunity to ask questions about what related to our personal businesses.

Nancy DeVries

Owner, Urban Aesthetics Interior Design

Course Outline


  • Find the stories to tell in your business
  • Write about what you care about & build a following
  • Get past writer’s block
  • Brainstorm your ideas
  • Checklists for testing & tracking your ideas


  • Create Your Power Content
  • Types of Blog Posts to Help You Write Faster
  • Taking a Cue from Newspaper Writing
  • Blog Post Template: A Simple Structure to Make it Easier
  • Catchy Headlines
  • Find out what to Track & Systematize your Content


  • Where to Find Images
  • How to Make Your Own Images
  • Edit Your Images
  • Create Shareable Images
  • Manage Your Images for Different Social Platforms


  • Find Great Keywords for your Blogs
  • Learn to Optimize Your Content for SEO
  • How to Optimize Images and Video for SEO
  • Internal & External Linking


  • Creating Freebies, Opt-Ins and Resources on Your Site
  • Adding upgrades to your blog posts
  • Promoting content upgrades on your website
  • Re-use Your Content to Engage Your Email List


  • Find out how to use your content strategically (for Sales, Marketing & SEO)
  • Tie your platforms together with overarching messaging
  • Post your content on social media
  • Social Media Schedulers
  • Systematize your Content: Less Work and More Results!

Tell your story to connect powerfully with your market.

This course will walk you step-by-by step through finding the stories to tell, creating the blog posts & images to tell them, and sharing for impact over social media.

Let’s turn your readers into your fans & keep them coming back for more!

Let’s Do This!

Yes! I’m ready to work with you on my Power Content, write my blog posts and use my attract and build relationships with potential clients.

Our next program starts on October 30, 2019 at 11AM. For the investment of $2,997, you get 8 weeks of Power Content and hands-on group sessions, with direct feedback on your work that you can use immediately.

Click the orange button and sign up!

Want to know more? Email your questions to the teacher at [email protected].

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Ready to Join the Party?

   4-Course Bundle

This course compliments our signature Social Media Bootcamp and Building Public Relationships courses and can bought as a bundle.

With the 4-Course Bundle, you’ll receive:

• Social Media Bootcamp (5-week course, $1997 value) – September 2019

• Power Content (8-week course, $2997 value) October 2019

• Building Public Relationships (3-week course, $997 value) January 2020

• Inner Circle Membership (1-year membership, $1997 value)

Regular Price: $8000

Bundle Price: $5000

Sign Me Up!

Power Content Course

  • 8 weeks of learning with Lindsay Carlson and Jonathan Christian
  • Find the Stories to Tell in Your Business
  • Blog Post Template: A Simple Structure to Make it Easier
  • How to Make Your Own Images
  • Learn to Optimize Your Content for SEO
  • Creating Freebies, Opt-Ins and Resources on Your Site
  • Systematize your Content: Less Work and More Results!

Price: $2997


Classes Start October 30, 2019!

4-Course Bundle

• Social Media Bootcamp (5-week course, $1997 value)

• Building Public Relationships (3-week course, $997 value)

• Power Content (8-week course, $2997 value)

• Inner Circle Membership (1-year membership, $1997 value)

Regular Price: $8000   Bundle Price: $5000

“Lindsay has been helping me since I first launched in 2014. She edits my blog posts, sets up all the social media, and has helped me get over 1,200 email subscribers to my site and over 25,000 Facebook fans. She is very good at her job and I don’t know what I would do without her. Lindsay is nothing short of reliable and efficient.”

Jeff Rasmussen

Founder ,

“I always appreciate Lindsay’s ideas and marketing knowledge. She understands our unique company well, she comes up with practical ideas for showcasing our story, and she helps us look great online!”

Melissa Manzanares

Managing Director, Atacora African Superfoods

“I hired Lindsay to re-write my site as my copywriting was a poor reflection of what I have to offer on my website. Lindsay is very easy to work with and her copy is right on target with my business goals. I can’t wait to work together with her again!”

Andrea Hubbert

Principal, Hub+company

Jonathan Christian

Jonathan Christian

Founder and Creator of We Make Stuff Happen

Jonathan has been an entrepreneur since his childhood. Jonathan’s gift of BIG Picture Thinking and Storytelling have turned many businesses around into solid success stories. Speaking both locally and Internationally, training and creating strategy you’ll always find him learning new stuff and sharing great stories.

Lindsay Carlson

Lindsay Carlson

Director of Websites and Brand Strategy

Lindsay works with our clients to develop brand identities, custom WordPress websites, email marketing strategies and content strategies. She’s a talented writer and editor who loves creating a creative space for students in this fast-paced and fun course. She’s also a Supermom to three amazing kids.

Creating great content for your website can feel like something you just don’t have time for.

Or maybe you’ve done some blogging or videos and just aren’t getting the results you were hoping for.

We’ve got you covered with this course!

Based on the biggest hurdles our clients work through with us, we’ve got a 8-week hands-on bootcamp for your content!

Put in the work with us by your side. The course is presented by Lindsay Carlson, and Jonathan will be on select calls to help with strategy and ideas!

By the end, you will have months of blog posts and topics, know how to share them for maximum impact and a plan to get more RESULTS from your content.

Grab your seat now!

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