How to Create Social Media Content From Blog Posts

Struggling to create great social media content is a battle that every small business owner faces – we get it.  It’s especially difficult when you are trying to generate interest and engagement on social media without just sharing other people’s quotes and images. You want to stand out, but creating fresh content can be really challenging!

But there’s one thing you can do that is totally unique to your business: create social media content from blog posts.  There are a few steps to creating great social media content from blog posts, but since you’re already familiar with the content, you’ll be a pro in no time!

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Identify Key Points

When you write your blog post, you take the time to decide what you’re going to write about – these are your key points. This step determines the message that you want to share with your readers. It also acts as the foundation for creating attention-grabbing social media content from blog posts since your key points are the important pieces of information that you want to share with your potential clients. 

When you revisit these posts so that you can create social media content from blog posts, ask yourself the following questions:

  • What is the main message or problem you are addressing?
  • What are the solutions or insights you are providing?

Then, consider the main points that support and reinforce your central message. These could be statistics, examples, or expert opinions that highlight the significance of your topic. Once you have identified these key points, you can use them to make concise and memorable statements that capture the ideas and information that you want your audience to know. These statements should be clear, compelling, and engaging to entice your social media followers to click through and read the full blog post.

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Include Visual Content

Visual content is powerful on social media platforms. It attracts more attention and is more likely to be shared, so it expands the reach of your posts and increases exposure to a larger audience.

When choosing visual elements for your social media content from blog posts, consider how they work with the main message you want to convey. The visuals should enhance and reinforce the key points of your blog post, which will help communicate your message more effectively.

For example, if your blog post discusses the benefits of a particular product or service, including high-quality images or videos showcasing those benefits can help your audience visualize the value and appeal of what you’re offering. Infographics, on the other hand, are great for presenting data, statistics, or step-by-step processes in a visually digestible format, making complex information more accessible and shareable.

Including visuals and graphics in your social media content offers several benefits:

  • Captures attention more effectively than text-only posts.
  • Increases engagement leading to higher levels of interaction such as likes, comments, and shares. 
  • More shareable, so your posts have the potential to reach a broader audience. 
  • Easily consumable and memorable.

People are more likely to retain information presented in a visually appealing way, making your main message stick in their minds and increasing the chances of them visiting your blog post or website.

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Create Attention-Grabbing Headlines

A great way to get the attention of your potential clients is to create really strong headlines for your social media content from blog posts. It’s also a fantastic way to get them to click through to your blog!

The key to an attention-grabbing headline lies in its ability to get the main message of your blog post across in a way that makes your ideal client want to read more. Start by identifying the most important points of your content—the unique insights, actionable advice, or fascinating stories that make your blog post stand out. Then find words that create an emotional connection and express the value and benefits that readers can expect to gain from reading your article. Your goal is to spark curiosity and generate a sense of anticipation within your audience.

Make sure that your headlines are clear and concise while maintaining a conversational tone. Avoid using jargon or overly technical language that may confuse your audience – remember, they’re coming to you to solve their problem. Using the language that your client would use keeps your content relatable and easy to understand. This resonates with your target audience as they feel understood. By speaking directly to their needs, desires, or pain points, you can create an emotional connection that compels them to click and explore your content further.

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Share Excerpts and Quotes

When it comes to captivating your online community, sharing excerpts or quotes in your social media content from blog posts is like offering them a tantalizing glimpse into the best parts of your blog posts. You get to select the best, bite-sized pieces of information that get your ideas across, and your customers get to learn how you can help solve their problems with your expertise and offering – it’s a win/win!  Since you’re sharing just enough to leave your followers wanting more information, they’ll happily click through to your blog post! 

This strategy not only works for your existing followers but also has the potential to attract new readers who may be intrigued by the nuggets of wisdom that you share on their social media feeds. By capturing their interest through these teasers, you increase the likelihood of driving traffic to your blog and expanding your audience.

Don’t forget to include a direct link to your original post! This step bridges the gap between your social media content and your blog, allowing seamless access to the full article.

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Engage with Your Audience

You’ve got interesting, thought-provoking content, attention-grabbing graphics, and the perfect headlines…but something is still missing.   The answer is simple – you need to engage with your clients (and soon-to-be clients).  

People use social media as a communication tool.  Not every business owner loves that, but the fact is, social media is here to stay.  To keep people interested in your business, you have to engage on social media. 

So what does that really look like for a business owner?  It can be as simple as liking posts and comments or a little more complex, like responding to feedback in a positive manner. Taking the time to let your clients and future customers know that you see them is a great way to keep them coming back for more of what you offer.

Curating social media content from blog posts is a fantastic way to get fresh, helpful content in front of your customers. With a little time investment and your great blog posts, you’re on your way to becoming a social media superstar!

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