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Meet the Man from Aspen himself …the name is Schultz, Dirk Schultz!

I saw Dirk speak on stage. When I realized he and I were the same age, I kind of got a reality check. You see Dirk is a personal fitness trainer, as well as a lifestyle coach. I struggle with consistent lower back issues from my accident and almost after every conference I had to go back to physio. We chatted and he said to me “it’s all about your core”.

As much as we all know we need to stay fit and healthy, so often our lifestyle negates that notion.

Dirk has such knowledge and passion for his clients, that there wasn’t a spare minute left that he could sell. Yet so many other people needed to work with him, and I was one of them!

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So, when Dirk approached me and said, “You understand social media, you understand online training. Can you help me train people virtually without me having to travel to them?”. Dirk travels a lot, (as do his clients) from Florida to Colorado, New York to California — he’s always travelling. He and his husband live a great life. He’s also a TRX Ambassador.

Now that he’s gone through the #makestuffhappen machine, he’s making more money in less time and helping more people.

I became his beta project client. You know I work way too many hours, I never found time to go to the gym and I don’t always eat right and it was showing. So now Dirk and I work out together 3x a week, through the power of Zoom and TRX. It’s become a total game changer for my personal fitness and well-being.

The video below is a timelapse of what my virtual workout looks like:

Dirk is about to launch new group training & lifestyle programs that have never been done before, because we’ve now perfected his online training model.

We just love to work with great people, who have great talent and who each and everyday make the world a better place.

online personal training

So, how are you leveraging your time? Are you still selling your services for hours? Or have you learned to navigate the digital landscape?

Maybe you’ll be the next Dirk Schultz?
We’d love to help.

In fact, my new FREE webinar, “R.I.P. Organic Reach?” How Authentic Social Media Can Save Your Marketing Life. is coming up September 10th at 2pm PDT. It is the perfect place to start learning how to leverage likes and follows into real-life actual sales, I’ll show you how to make social media work for you, and how to help your business really be seen by your ideal clients. Register here!

Check out more video training from Dirk here on Youtube.

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