It was great to see how much interest there was in Dave Neale’s post yesterday – here’s the second part. It’s a little more technical – no story to tell as such. I, however can tell you from personal experience that having higher Google ranking (because of your verified authorship) landed us two new clients last week! So don’t give up  – it’s worth the effort and if you need help – there’s an app for that! It’s called +DavidNeale 

Setting Up WordPress For Google Authorship

On the WordPress (or HTML website) side there are a few different ways to link back to your Google+ profile.

1. You can simply link your “About” page or “Author Page” back to Goggle+ but this would require you adding a link back to your “About” page on every post. Too much work.

2. At the end of every post you can include a link back to your G+ profile but this is also a hassle and the idea is not to have visitors always leaving your site to visit your G+ profile (but Google is quite happy for you to do that)

3. The best way in my opinion is to have a tag like the one below in the <head> where it is not visible to users but is also placed there automatically on every post and page you write.

(HTML website can simply add the line above manually to pages that they author.)

<link rel="author" href=""/>

If you are using WordPress this is achieved by adding the URL of your personal G+ profile page to the User section. See image below

edit media

A default install of WordPress will not include the “Google +” field above as of this date (Feb, 2013) but I’m sure it will in the near future.

For now some themes or plugins will add this field for you. All Genesis (StudioPress) themes as well as the “WordPress SEO by Yoast” plugin, There may be others but these are the ones I know of right now.

There are many plugins that will add the G+ link back to your profile at the end of every post but as mentioned in item 2 above this is not ideal in my view. Yoast is the only one that places this in the <head> area of the page at this time as far as I know. This will also change as time goes on.

This field is where you would your add your G+ profile URL (described in the video below).

  1. Mouse over the “Users” item in the Left Sidebar
  2. From the dropdown that appears click on “Your Profile”
  3. In the “Contact Info” area you will a new field called “Google+”
  4. You need to enter your Google+ Profile URL into this field
  5. To find the URL return to your Googe+ homepage
  6. Click “Profile” in Left Sidebar
  7. Copy the URL that is now displayed in the top area of the browser
  8. Past this URL into the field described in step 7 above
  9. Remove these characters from the URL “u/0/”
  10. Scroll to the bottom of that page and click the “Update Profile” button

Verify With Google That It Has Been Done Correctly

Go to this URL

  1. Enter the URL of one of your posts or pages that you have written
  2. If the connection has been made you will see your Google+ profile picture beside the listing
  3. If done incorrectly you will not

I will be staying on top of Google Authorship going forward so if you would like to stay updated about this issue (and many others) please connect with us on the link below;

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Our thanks to Dave for sharing his research. If you do need help – then please do call us toll free and we’ll help you get set up.

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Tomorrow we’ll share how we helped a new client make a $75,000 sale with a $22 advert!

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