You may be one of those unlucky few that has had their Google Business Listing page disappear off of Google. Your clients that were able to find you and get directions and call you off Google cannot do that anymore.

Fortunately, We’ve found the fix and it’s super easy!

How to fix the missing Google business information section

  1. Go to your Google my Business page at
  2. Select your page and click “Manage Location”
  3. Click the red “Edit” button
  4. In the address section click “Edit”
  5. Click “Edit Marker Location”
  6. Move the red pin ever so slightly and click ‘Ok’
  7. Click “Save”
  8. Now search for your business name on Google

Annoying? Yes, we agree. Why did Google do this? We don’t know yet. We assume it’s a bug that Google is working to resolve. But if you want to fix it immediately, follow the steps above to get your listing back on Google quickly.

Still having issues? Leave us a comment down below¬†and we’ll reach out to you. Was this information helpful to you? Let us know!

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Jonathan Yaniv

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Jonathan is a social community manager and tech business strategist at We Make Stuff Happen. An avid lover of all things tech, Jonathan is the founder and editor-in-chief of the tech review site, TrustedNerd. Got a tech question? Ask Jonathan.
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