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Hey, good morning!

Jonathan here and it’s a very wet day here in British Columbia. We’ve been so blessed with an early summer for a week. We were up in the 90s’ on the weekend and now we’re back to the 60s or low 20s to high 20s, whichever side of the coin you live on.

Anyway, I have a speaking gig on May 31st. Biggest one that I’ve had so far! So, I’m trying to lose some weight. My goal is to lose 15 pounds and I’ve lost just over eight so far.

Tools and Partners for Accountability

I needed a plan to make this happen. I made myself accountable with tools and partners. First I set up an Apple watch for tracking. Then I got myself an accountability partner. Her name is Bridgette. We track each other’s steps, exercise and calorie burn every single day to hold ourselves accountable. What I also do is work out with a personal trainer online who’s in Colorado. His name is Dirk Schultz, #Dirkfit and between the two of us, we arrange a date and time to workout virtually. Working with Dirk this way allows me to have the benefits of a personal trainer — on an entrepreneur’s busy schedule. Talk about win-win!

Making Time Count — For Double! Segway the Shaving Chronicles Video series

I try to multipurpose my time by shaving and talking to you on video at the same time. (Click on the video above to watch!)

(This video is in no way sponsored, endorsed, administered by or associated with the Real Shaving Company of Great Britain. I just love to shave with this stuff and stay in touch with people, all while keeping up with video content.)

Current research tells us that 80% of social media consumption is video. Right now.

Current research is telling us that 80% of content consumed on Social Media is in Video format. That’s a lot! So let me ask you, what can you do, within your day every day, to include creating some video content?

This is my 14th Shaving Chronicle video on Social Media. Here’s the thing, over the winter I kind of went into hibernation mode as everybody does. You know, eat more carbs, comfort food, exercise less because the weather just sucked. A month ago, I was the heaviest I’ve ever been in my life.

I was 223 pounds and not feeling it. Most of my shorts I couldn’t wear, I only had two pairs of jeans that fit me. I was in the process of thinking about buying more clothes. I stopped and said to myself “you idiot, you have a closet full of clothes just lose the chub, bud.” But it’s not easy, because I was so addicted to carbs and to just power eating rather than eating healthy and preparing. I realized I may not be the only person on the planet feeling that way. (Ever heard of the “Entrepreneur’s 15?”)

Make A Commitment

I had to set a goal and I had to put some accountability into it. My goal is to lose 15 pounds by May 31st and I’m halfway there. Accountability is my good friend, Bridget Callahan, we’re doing it together because she was in the same boat. I enlisted a personal trainer who’s a great friend of mine and we’re trying to grow his business into a virtual coaching practice rather than a physical coaching practice because he likes to travel a lot too.

It is possible to create a location-free business, even as a personal trainer. So, we’re perfecting what it is to train on TRX via Zoom. Proof of the pudding is my T-shirts fit better. I have one more pair of jeans in my roster. I’ve worn several shirts that I wouldn’t have worn last week, that I can wear this week and the crazy thing is I feel way better. I literally have cut out gluten, cut out most of my carbs and sugur and I’m feeling way better. It’s just like, why the heck don’t we do this more often? I mean, what?

You decorate a house and then you sell it. I’m like, why didn’t you decorate it when you lived in there, for goodness sake. But that’s kind of life, right? You put things off until you just have to do them. It’d be way better to do them because you want to. Which is why I made a plan and I stuck to it.

How Does This Translate Into Business?

Well, I’m glad you asked because I was going to answer that question. So, I started working with a client earlier this year. They’re writing a book and I’ve found it’s a challenge to come up with fresh content every single day. Yet when I teach, I say to people there’s so much content out there, you’ll never run out, until the rubber hits the road and you have to do it yourself. Then it’s like, crap, this is hard work, but it’s good work and it makes a difference.

I know when we launch that book, they’re going to have a very engaged audience. I know when that book launches, it’s going to make a difference in a lot of people’s lives. It’s called Gifted (#ReadGifted) and you’ll find it on social media. Writing a book, getting healthy, working on content every day — fitting video into your day… it’s all hard, but worth it in the end. So, whether it’s your social media, personal fitness goals or growing your business… there are many different things that we really have to work at to make them work.

“You need a plan, you need a goal, you need a structure of accountability and a crap load of commitment.” – Jonathan Christian

You must be committed no matter what. For me, on my weight-loss goal, when it comes to movie night, I commit to sticking to my plan. That means no popcorn, no alcohol, no chips and no French fries at the drive-through. Yeah, big deal. You know, at the end of the day, it’s not a big deal. The end goal is way worth the very tiny lack of something in the interim, and the results that come out of it. Even my wife said to me, “Honey, you’re looking different.” People are starting to notice that things are changing.

It’s the same with your social media. You can’t binge diet for a week and expect everything to work differently. It’s a long game, forming habits that turns into a lifestyle. I’m not selling any MLM shake product or chewy bars or meal plans. I’m not doing anything. All I’m saying is, if you struck a deal with yourself, that you write it down, that you keep coming back to it. You’re holding yourself accountable to at least one other person. You put a plan in place, you have a goal at the end. Anything is possible.

Anything is possible, you can crush your goals. Believe me, if I’m this busy and I can do it, you can do it too. They always say, if you want to get something done, ask a busy person. I don’t think so. I don’t know if I could take another thing on if I tried, but I had to change my lifestyle to make a difference. Even with writing for Gifted, I had to change my lifestyle in terms of my workload to make a difference. Because there’s a lot of time in putting together a strategy that works.

We just created a brand-new class that starts today! It’s called Public Relationships and we’re taking our strategy beyond basic social media. Take a peek!

We’re All human

My wise friend Lisa Sasevich once said “Structure equals freedom.” Here’s the deal, structure does bring you freedom, but hard work also brings good results, along with a great team of people around you who encourage you. When someone says, “Have you lost weight?” Gosh, that’s worth hundreds of dollars just right there in terms of coaching, because someone’s noticed. You know, we all have an ego, we’re all human. We all have a soul. We all need to feel loved.

That’s what it’s about. Doing something that makes a difference. Keeping your plan, holding onto it. Once you get past the painful first two weeks, you start to feel better. You get more energy and you feel better wearing your clothes that you couldn’t wear before, or you get more followers than you did before, or more visits to your site and more people reading your blog.

However you want to look at it, this stuff works. My goal for this day is not saying, “Look at me, I lost eight pounds,” or, “Look at me I just created a brand new VIP client.” No, the purpose of this video today is saying, “All right, If I can do it, you can do it.” If you need some help, if you need accountability, if you need to set a goal, if you need a strategy, find someone to help you. That’s what I do. I have a coach and a mentor, both for fitness and for business and for financing right now to help us grow our profit. But I’m also that coach and mentor for other people too and it’s a great life.

By the way, this video is in portrait mode because I noticed that more videos now are going portrait. Even YouTube allows for this. The only time it looks a little weird is on desktop and Facebook. But given that 80% of Facebook is watched through phones, nobody holds their phone sideways unless they’re watching a movie. It’s also great for Instagram and Instagram TV. It all boils down to multitasking. This one piece of content will also become a blog. You see? Strategy.

My friends, thank you for watching! Blessings for you all wherever you are, whether you’re in Costa Rica, New Mexico, California or Calgary I’ll see you again soon!

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