Time for another Summer Showcase.

This week, we want to shine the spotlight directly at ourselves.

Why would we showcase our own business growth?

Well, here’s the thing. We do a great job informing everybody about the amazing clients that we have, and sometimes through humility, we don’t do the best job of telling people how much we’re doing. Self-promotion is hard – am I right? We get it, and we want you all to promote your businesses proudly. So this post is for you as much as it is for me, to talk about self-promotion in a way that makes sense.

There are very few companies that do what we do and have the success that we have. You might be feeling the same about what it is that you do. I like to refer to ourselves as one of the World’s Leading Boutique Digital Marketing Agencies, because that’s what we are.

Nearly four years ago, I joined Lisa Sasevich’s Speak to Sell Mastermind. Sadly, this program comes to an end this year. Through my goal to reach more businesses, my engagement on social media, and the support of this mastermind, I’ve grown enormously as a speaker. If you’ve been following my journey, you’ve seen me speaking pretty much all over the world.

Lisa Sasevich

In turn, our agency has grown because more and more people have heard my message and have seen the results that we have for other people through my presentations. Then they say “hey, I want a piece of that too.”

That’s how I’ve magnified my business. We’ve gone from a one-to-one, to a one-to-many model. Which is what I learned through Lisa. I always knew it could be done. I just didn’t quite have the mindset on how to do it.

With the one-to-many structure, I’ve been able to leverage my time and my team’s time for maximum potential. I used to work with one client for three months and then another client for three months. Now, I work with 45 clients for five weeks and help them all get to a different place. At the same time, if someone does want to work with me one on on, we can go VIP. Which means that we’ve built multiple streams of income through our company and it’s pretty cool.

My question for you today is…”Where is your mastermind?” Napoleon Hill talks about this group of people coming together and that collective becoming the mastermind. So who’s in your collective? Who are you bouncing your ideas around with? Who are you running to with those “holy crow” moments that you need some advice because business is just catapulting off the ceiling, and you don’t know how to handle it, or business is not fast enough and you need help growing?

You need to be in that mastermind.

Jonathan Christian and Lisa Sasevich

What I’ve learned over the four years of being with Lisa, is that I have become that mentor as well. Certainly, a mentor to a lot of people on her campus. She refers to me as the “campus leader” which I’m very honoured by. That’s what we do now, we mentor, we teach, we deliver, we make stuff happen. But realistically what I’m doing is bringing my skills and my knowledge to other businesses and empowering them to do it for themselves.

Social Media Course

That’s what we like to do and that’s why we have group courses for you. Recently we’ve put together what we call a “bundle,” which is all of our four signature courses from Social Media Bootcamp, to Power Content, to Building Public Relationships and then putting this together in our weekly Inner Circle mentorship and masterminding calls. We tie all this together. That’s our four courses. We’re adding a new Pinterest element into our company as well. We have lots going on here and I just wondered if you’d be interested in learning more about what we call, our Four Course Bundle? At the price that we’ve put together, which we’ve discounted down because it’s the summer and we thought we should. Not because we need to, because we want to and we thought you might be interested in that. There are some details down below about our Four Course Bundle.


Speak-to-Sell Live

To wrap it all up, the question is – do you have a mastermind to support, challenge and help you grow yourself and your business? Is it serving you? Do you need some help? Who’s your mentor? Is that mentor taking you to a place that you wouldn’t get to by yourself? If not, I’d love to be that mentor for you.

Thanks for watching or reading this week’s Summer Showcase on We Make Stuff Happen and how we do just that for people just like you.

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