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Reflecting today on #MLKday about greatness and how it’s actually embedded in our DNA.

Martin Luther King Day or #MLKDay is celebrated as a federal holiday because he made a difference! He stepped up for what he was made for, the greatness that was in him came out, and he paid a huge price.

This is our weekly Shaving Chronicle, it’s been a week since my last confession! Here I am about to shave after actually a week, and I personally love this stubble. I just would love to keep it, but I know that my wife hates it. Maybe hate is too strong, but she prefers me without the beard. Someone said something to me about one of my selfies last week that you’re just like your Dad. “In fact, I had to stop and look and think, it’s not john. No, it’s Jonathan.” And I’m very proud of that. But at the same time, it’s like he was a big, heavy guy like over 300 pounds. Was I like looking heavy? Or is the fact that my Dad had a beard for a long time? You know, I don’t know. But the thing is this. We all have greatness in us. When I was 15 and I so wanted to shave. I could go for a week, my face would look kind of dirty but I didn’t really have any stubble, but I wanted to because I wanted to be a man and I was 15 and a young boy with aspirations. I grew this pathetic mustache when I was like 17 and I thought it was so cool.

Now I’m 54, and in a week, I can pretty much grow a beard. Very salt pepper. But yeah, it was in me, it’s in me to do it. What we choose is what we can do with it. Right? That’s where I’m going with this today, we all have greatness in us, we have the ability to go out and make a difference in the world. In whatever way you choose to do that: in a faith way, in a political way, in a family way in a friendship way, we can all make a difference. It’s in your genetic DNA, it’s in you to make a difference. I mean, I have the genetic DNA of my Dad, but I also have the genetic DNA of a Viking from my ancestry DNA.  I have a lot of Scandinavian in my gene stream. But the thing is, what do you do with those genetics, what do you do with that DNA, is how you make a difference in the world.

I can tell you, it is not easy. It is easier like, I did this last week, to stay at home for four days and not drive because the weather was so bad. And you don’t want to take risks, I could have done, I did do what I had to. And it’s the same with our business. We have a choice, we can choose greatness, we can go make the biggest difference that we were made to do, that we’re destined to do.

Or we can play safe and stay at home. So, based on that, this Shaving Chronicle day is going be a bit different because I use Facebook memories a lot. What I’d like to try and do is see what I did on this day and compare to today in 2020. I know that my very first social media workshop was held in an art studio. I had six people, and I did a one-day live workshop on how to use social media for business, back in  2011. People were not using social media for business. In fact, Facebook business pages didn’t even exist.


Four years ago, on this very day. I joined a mastermind retreat with Lisa Sasavich, I flew to Tucson and went on retreat. To be honest, I was nervous, I’m kind of a homeboy. I’d never joined a big Mastermind before. In the Facebook group it said, do some rideshares from Tucson. So I joined a lot of people I didn’t really know. There was nine of us in a stretch Limo going from the airport to beautiful resort. They were called Seasoned Sassies, it was like all these crazy ladies that I don’t know (bless their hearts). So anyway, four years ago, joined the retreat. They had an award ceremony for pins for achievements. I joined it in November. This was a January, I got four achievement pins in like two months. Plus I got to speak on stage in front of a group straight away. Oh, wow.

They talked about their business model being three years to seven figures. For those of you that know me, I’m up for a challenge and I always want to be a real breakout and trying to think differently. I remember being at this retreat and the thinking I wanted to get into that. I already had an established business. It was basically just me as an entrepreneur and I was doing pretty well. So I set myself a goal – to hit seven figures (a million dollars) in sales within two years. Anyway, two years ago. On this day, again, I was at that same Sassy retreat. I got a pin from Lisa that she hadn’t given out very often, which was the seven figure pin. I did achieve $700,000+ in increased sales in two years using a model of one-2-many.

Now, this is kind of where this whole idea of story comes in. I’d been very good at telling my story one on one to people. When I got to be very good at telling my story, one too many. I started with a social media workshop with six people in the classroom in 2011. Tomorrow in 2020 I’m doing a social media workshop for five weeks, live through zoom. I just know the right people are going to be there. 

#MLKDay Shaving Chronicles, smooth as a baby’s behind again 😉 And thank you for joining me. Passing wisdom to you today is for you wanting to stand up for what you believe in. Are you willing to let the DNA greatness in you come out to be a risk-taker to be a world-changer, to let the universe just manifest what it is that you’ve been blessed with, as a creative being to go out and do it.

It’s all that I see, I’m watching it, I’m listening to it and I’m excited for what this week’s going to bring. It’s all good stuff and just wrapping up this Shaving Chronicle for today…

Be a game-changer!

Be a life-changer!

Be a world-changer!


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