It’s so rare these days to be blown away with awesome customer service – #shoutout to The Polly Fox

We had a major snowfall this weekend – it’s winter! But this is the Pacific North West – not Ontario! I had just finished clearing my driveway for the third time in less than 15 hours. I really don’t mind – it’s great cardio, and the feeling of accomplishment is good enough for me! Then I get a phone call…

Dad! I can’t do this there’s too much snow!

Our daughter Ellen is house sitting for one of our client-friends. Ok, Ellie no problem – I’ll be there in 30 minutes #Dadlife

On my way there I decided to stop by a local bakery I know. They’ve just relocated to a new place and I’s been meaning to explore it. My daughter is gluten-free (not by choice) and from previous experience, their food is the best! One time I bought their BLT baguette for her. She cried, saying she never thought she’d taste bread like that ever again having gone GF.

I finally found a parking space, hiked through 8 inches of snow and arrived at the Polly Fox. There was a guy outside clearing the sidewalk.

Sorry man, we’re closed! The snow was just too bad so we called a snow-day to protect our staff having to come in

“Darn! I came specially to buy my daughter a treat – she’s not well and overwhelmed by how much snow she has to clear.”

Now if I had checked their Social Media I would have known they were closed 😉

Expressing his apology – I’m sure we have cookies and bars still – let me go check. A minute later, they let me into the closed store (it’s a wow BTW) They had lot’s of giant cookies and Nanaimo bars. I placed my order and got out my credit card to pay.

They’re on us – sorry we’re closed – hope your daughter feels better!

Really? Wow – how great was that? Now that’s customer service! How often does this happen? My guess is more often with this new generation of boutique bakeries and coffee shops – they totally get what real customer service is all about. They also have rocking social media and a beautiful brand identity.

Just another reason why we chose Abbotsford to live and work from too!

Kudos to the Polly Fox Bakery & Bistro – you don’t have to be gluten-free to enjoy their awesome new location and menu.

Check them out on Instagram, and Facebook 

Mission accomplished!






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