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Sharing Chronicles: Hope in Every Situation

Sharing Chronicles – Hope in Every Situation

This is not a #shavingchronicle as you can tell, rather it is a #sharingchronicle because we’re in this home quarantine, isolation, social distancing season. And a couple of weeks ago, the mask I said, Well, you know, maybe I just won’t shave until this is all over. How’s that working for you?

I’ve been thinking about some friends of mine who have lost their jobs and some of them furloughed and some of them are laid off and they saying, we don’t know, we just don’t know. I spoke to somebody else yesterday “I have two months on the company, If it’s still going on, then we’re all out because there’s no more money”.

Space1999 Year1 Title
It’s hard. It’s really hard, right? So you have to look for hope in every situation. I  got to thinking back to 1999 which was a long time ago! When I was a kid, there was a show called “Space 1999” and it’s all about people lived on the moon. Yeah, it didn’t happen. But good things do happen. And what happened for me in ’99 was I got laid off, which technically should not be a good thing. I was working for an oil company that went through two major mergers. We ended up just being too many people for too few jobs. And technically, I should not have got laid off. But I did because of a little belligerent, it was time for me to leave and out of that, I got a very good severance.

But the reason I’m telling you this is a fast rewind, if you like. Seven years previous I had come to Canada (1993) and we loved it here. We stayed for a month with our friends, and it was a fun time. We toured the Rockies, saw Vancouver in Thanksgiving fall colors. It was just beautiful. And we sort of set an intention in our hearts back in 93 that if we were to ever live anywhere else, it would be here.

And, you know, we came back again in 1998. I remember us saying at the airport coming home “this feels more like home than home”. We were already living in England. It had been a  that stepping stone from the Island.  But then we inquired about how to get here and how much it was gonna cost, it was like, it’s not gonna happen, Not humanly possible, anyway. And, you know, I’d have this prayer for, like, seven years that I have to live in Canada. I’d love to live in Canada, and I never lost that intention.

I didn’t share a lot. But I kept the intention in my heart. And then in ’99 when I got laid off Truthfully, I got 18 months salary as severance. Now, I don’t think many people right now are getting 18 months salary of severance at all. But that gave me what I needed to move him. So we moved here in 2002  as it did take a while to get everything together.

Things don’t happen overnight and again. That’s another thing you have to remember. You need to set an intention.

You have to realize that things take time. But thirdly, you have to not give up. You have to keep hope!

So we moved here in 2002 and for us it was a one-way ticket. Burnt our boats, on the beaches, so to speak.

We love living in Canada, but it’s not all plain sailing. I mean, I got here. It was very difficult to find a job, which was kind of strange, because I thought it was pretty good at what I did, but apparently I didn’t have enough Canadian work experience. So I had to look at that. Took a very humbling job selling furniture on commission.

I did soon get a good job, and I worked in a large retail organization for the best part of 18 months and go figure in 2004, that job ended, too, and I was pretty distraught because I wasn’t really aware that that was coming. But looking back, it was again one of those great things.

I know Steve Jobs used to say, “you can’t connect the dots going forward. You could only connect the dots when you look back,” I want to look back. All these things that happened to me at the time that felt like they were devastating, but they were the stepping stones that I needed, the kick in the behind so to speak that I needed to go forward.

steve jobs quote

So 2004 is like, “Oh, crap, that didn’t, uh, go to plan”. But within a week of friend of mine said they let you go, right? Yep, without cause. So she then went on to say I could receive EI benefits ” But I’d never claimed a benefit in my life. And I don’t know if I’m going to start now” I said

Oh, you should let me tell you why. It is a beautiful thing, In beautiful British Columbia at the time, If you got laid off and you apply for E, I, you could apply to go back to school. I went to Douglas College and was called a Self Employed business school. In fact, I goy to keep my EI for 12 months because I was starting up my own business. It was like a business loan, and event was very humbling to go to the EI office and line up. No you can’t do that now. You have to do it online. But, that’s what I did.

And in 2004 I set up my own business, which I something I had always wanted to do, but I hadn’t had the courage or the opportunity to do so up to this point.

I got a kick in the behind that gave me no choice. But, you know, it was the best thing that ever happened to me.

It was very hard for Debbie and me on to make things meet. And truthfully, all of the things that I’ve gotten through, I could never have gotten through without her by my side without her supporting me with that small voice behind me saying you got this, honey, I’m proud of you. You can do this and you need that small voice. Whether it’s your prayers whether it’s a family member or a spouse, a friend. Somebody needs to be encouraging you because we can’t get through this alone. But I’m telling you, good things happen out of bad stuff – look at me from  2004 to 2020 16 years and we’re still growing and learning and loving life.

I’m still in business, in fact, we’re helping a lot of people. Sure, we’re not quite as busy financially, as we were a couple months ago. But you know what? I’m helping a lot of people.

One thing I found out just on Friday. We have nearly 100 businesses in my boot camp. That just warms my heart, because I can help.

For the vast majority of those businesses, I’m giving it away for free, and I have a Facebook group that I’m showing up in. I’m just bringing the wisdom that I earned over the years.

so I just want to encourage you, right? If you’re feeling down, the best way to get over it is to go help someone pick up the phone. Sending a message makes him a video or virtually visit.

You can still visit a distance if it’s safe and just be that light for somebody else.

I just say I don’t know where this is going, but I know you could do this. I believe in you. I’ve seen you before. Pull yourself up out of the mud and you’re gonna come out of this bigger and greater and stronger.

Just you watch and start planting that seed in somebody. That seed of hope that seed the possibility, might just be all they need for today for this month or for this year.

So if you ever have an intention in your heart, you know quite often they come to be, because you set that intention and you believe it and you keep going with it,

Napoleon Hill said out of every adversity is a greater or equal opportunity for advancement. And I know that to be true. I see that to be true. I’m watching all around. I’m watching clients now doing your business, not as much, not as profitable, but there is hope.

napoleon hill quote

And that’s my message for you today.

Keep drinking water,

Stay fit and healthy,

Eat good stuff.

Dose up on your vitamins,

Get some fresh air.

I mean, and it goes without saying you wash your hands for 20 seconds every time.

I want to say to you that is the battle is won in here, in your head the battle is won in here.

What you think about yourself makes the biggest difference. It’s great what other people think about you, and if it’s positive, if it’s negative, get rid of it. You don’t need negativity in your life right now, none of us do.

But if you have those people speaking into you, receive it. Listen to it, accept you are worthy of that praise.

This message is as much for me as it is for you.

So that’s my sharing chronicle for today.

Can we change our current pandemic? No, but can we be positive today? It’s the sun shining. Yes.

People love you. Yes. Have you got food in your cupboard? Probably if you haven’t and you’re local, Give me a call and I’ll bring you some today. I promise. I’ll line up a Costco for you if I need to.

But you know, people care, and I care. You’ll be amazed how many other people care!

If you need help, ask for it. If you can give hope, give it. If you can – be the change that somebody else needs.

Because that’s what this time is all about. Just getting out there and being that positivity that people need.

What matters most is that they know that you care about them. What matters is that we can get through this together and come out of this.

I absolutely know we’re going be be stronger. We’re gonna be better focused. Some of the stuff that used to be normal won’t be normal anymore, I hope never is again. I don’t care about lying on a sofa, on a cell phone watching TV all night. I would far rather walk for two hours or read a book, spend time with no distraction and no device.

Just looking at my honey and listening to stories and just planning our future together.

That’s the new tomorrow. And I’m excited. So thank you for reading this far down, that’s kind of you.

So stay home. Stay safe. Stay well and I will see you again real soon.

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