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As featured on Lisa Sasevich

I was delighted to see our story featured on Lisa Sasevich's site! Lisa is one of my business mentors. "How does someone get a business mentor?" you might ask. Well, sometimes they choose you. Or at least, they surprise you. Here's the story... I had been following...

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My three words for 2017 Courage, Trust & Faith

I started today thinking about three words that would set my intention for this new year - they are Courage, Trust and Faith Hey, it's Jonathan. I am in the middle of a New Year's Day walk and it's almost like a blizzard, but that's okay! It's definitely put some...

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So long 2016 – it’s been awesome

This is our last video post of 2016 - it's been awesome About a year or so ago, I gave myself a challenge to create a video post every single workday and I did that for over a year. I haven't made as many this season because I didn't want to overdo it, but at the same...

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It's Christmas - the Season of Goodwill to all men (and women) and we also know that it's the Season of Giving! Each year we gather to celebrate the Joy of Christmas and be generous by helping a special member of our meetup family. We're hosting 2nd Silent Auction -...

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Supercharge your Sales Process!

Supercharge Your Sales Process by creating a consistent stream of ideal prospects by harnessing the power of assessment marketing Wouldn't you like to be growing your email list and inspire prospects to say yes to your offer? It's more challenging than ever before....

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We took Social Media 1 1/2 to Regina!

Social Media now connects people across the globe. I love to make new connections that turn into friends. One such connection led to us helping launch their agency in their new city. That's how we took Social Media 1 1/2 to Regina! My friend Kaayla and I met through a...

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6th Anniversary very special deals!

This week we celebrated our 6th Anniversary Meetup! Neil Godin and I started back in 2010 with our Social Media Challenge and we thought it would be great to celebrate by offering you some very special deals from some of our Meetup members. Monday's Meetup was another...

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